A smile is a life changer. The smile that Alita in Alita Battle Angel movie is able to produce in the lates James Cameron movie is what most people needs. Alita shows that smiling is as important as the looks of a person is. A sexy female body doesn’t need to be breasts and bottoms on a woman. But the fact that their smile is a good reason for living. It is simply worth it to get such a smile as Alita gives.

Life is like a mirror, we get the best results when we smile

Alita Battle Angel movie shows that a Smile is Worth living for


Of all the things you do when you approach a person, your smile is the most important. Happiness is often the motivating cause of a smile and if you approach a group while smiling, you will come across as relaxed, confident and fun. Alita got no history of emotions so all of what she is new and so her smile is pure.

Also, most smiles are started by another smile as whatever you project to a person emotionally; they will generally project it back to you and that’s what Alita is doing to the millions of eyes and hearts get to see the smile of Alita character. Thus, if you can succeed in getting the group to smile and laugh in the first few seconds with you then you have successfully started the interaction and have made everybody in the group feel good.

Give Your Smiling Heart for a Perfect smile back

The secret to how to attract women such as Alita or anyone is to have a “giving” rather than a “taking” attitude. A smile costs nothing but gives much. It reveals who you are. If your smile is pure, she will know it.

Alita Battle Angel movie shows that a Smile is Worth living for


The smile adds value to the group. It enriches those who receive and you use far fewer muscles than you do to frown. It takes a moment but is often the deciding factor on whether the group accept you or not. People are out in the bar to relax, have fun and enjoy themselves. Approaching the group without a smile is by far the biggest mistake that beginners make when they first begin working on this area of their lives.

You only get one chance to make a first impression on a character like Alita. So use your smile and be rewarded. The more you make the group smile such as the Alita fans, the more easily you can build attraction with them. Everyone smiles in the same language and you never know who’s falling in love with your smile.

Alita gives a Positive effect on your own psychology

By smiling, you will also have a positive effect on your own psychology. Many people feel that if you smile you are letting your guard down and it takes some of your power away. While smiling does show a little vulnerability, that makes it even more effective and powerful.

The world always appears to be brighter when you smile. That’s why the viewers of the Alita movie also sort of get a very positive and brighter view of Iron City in general even though the city isn’t a happy place with lots of ruins. The smiling effect that Alita gives is humongous. People will begin to think more positively and it will really help to put people in the state. This movie is amazing to heal peoples own psychology.

Alita Battle Angel movie shows that a Smile is Worth living for


If people are having trouble smiling or you are simply not in a good mood, try laughing as this will easily transition into a smile. Picture something that made you laugh hysterically and that memory will help fuel a full-blown smile.

Alita as a character in the movie grows up fast. She changes a lot but her smile got the same power as when she is a “teenager” and when she is a grown-up “woman”. Hugo is drawn into her smile. But as we know. Life is not all about smiling. But at the moment when she returns with her new suit and Hugo sees it. He knows that her smile is meant for him.

So do a favor. Smile more. Be a happier person. It is really worth it for your soul and other souls that you interact with on a daily basis.


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