Disney is not done with Alita: Battle Angel! Big plans for the franchise moving forth, but it can take some time. Here is our Update regarding the really wanted Sequel!

Alita: Battle Angel was the most underrated movie of 2019 that managed to beat some of the biggest films at the box office in China and Europe. In America, the movie neve took off as it should and my question regarding that goes to the American press.

Alita is a cyborg with emotions

This movie is the most successful manga to film adaptation that Hollywood has ever seen. It is taken the fantastically written Manga story and put it into one of the most remarkable setting that is seen in a movie ever. So, my question goes to Disney. Why hasn’t Disney mentioned a sequel?

Alita competed against Captain Marvel

In 2019, there was a conflict of interest at Disney headquarters. This was happening at the time when Alita: Battle Angel got released last year. It premiered only a few days before the Disney/Marvel flagship film Captain Marvel launched worldwide. In a sense, Disney was competing with themselves as they bought FOX.

Sadly for the millions of Alita fans worldwide, Disney invested a lot in Captain Marvel before they bought FOX and so they completely oversaw the popularity of it that just grew and grew. Alita: Battle Angel, at the time, was a 20th Century Fox’s (now 20th Century Studios) project, and studio executives did not, at all, like the fact that the two films were being compared.

Media tried to compare Alita and Captain Marvel too much and so people discussed these topics. Still, the Alita: Battle Angel movie got much more in common with the Ghost In The Shell movie.

Alita’s eyes and figure is unique

Alita is More than just a Cyborg

Alita is a unique cyborg and not a superhero like Captain Marvel is. She is more than meets the eyes of all fans around the globe. Just ask any Alita fan about what she or he thinks. Alita Battle Angel had a fantastic spirit that just needed time to grow.

Fans of this remarkable movie have been more active than on just social media groups when it comes to supporting Alita. The fan group known as The Alita Army and our site has many clever and successful campaigns that have garnered enough attention on a global scale.

Alita is more than meets the eye!

The Alita Army has also funded a campaign that would see the #AlitaSequel banner fly over the Oscars and Disney Studios; this made international news and was appreciated by the film’s cast and producers. It was a huge stunt and a good win for the millions of Alita fans all over the globe.

Alita fans want a Sequel for months

I am a huge fan of Alita and together with fans I have also signed the petition for getting an Alita: Battle Angel sequel that is quickly approaching 200,000 signatures. At the moment 155,573 have signed. So this goal is reachable soon for sure!

I really hope that the Sequel or even Sequels will happen sometime in the future. But I also hope for that these sequels won’t be Disney+ only releases. I hope that cinemas worldwide will be able to show the sequels when they are done. With #AlitaArmy focusing on getting a Sequel I feel that the movie industry will listen one day.

So, it is important to continue pushing the CEO’s minds at Hollywood in the USA to make this Alita sequel to a reality.