The official Alita Battle Angel Blu-ray release date is set for July 23, 2019. But what about the releases around the world?

Alita Battle Angel is Finally coming to Blu Ray

Get Alita soon on Physical media

Alita is a really interesting movie about a cyborg who doesn’t remember where she is from. Dr. Ido, a cybernetics doctor, finds her abandoned in a dumpster that gets its trash from the upper city that is above Iron City.

He manages to bring Alita back to life as one of the most beautifully made characters of all time. As he does so, Alita begins to grow faster than he understands. He also doesn’t realize her full potential at the start but this is something that changes a lot during the film. Alita soon discovers that She is a fighter whose incredible skills come under the attention of the evil government in Iron City.

Alita must decide whether to embrace their recruitment or the freedom Hugo, her new love interest, provides. What happens is something that you need to see. But the way Alita grows up, how the expressions and all of the details that James Cameroon did to make Alita so alive is just incredible.

Now Alita Battle Angel is only shown at cinemas under special events. But Alita went on the cinemas in certain countries much much longer than anticipated that it would. And now the blu-ray release is just around the corner.

Alita Battle Angel is Finally coming to Blu RayPhysical Release Around the Globe

In the United Kingdom, Europe. We have managed to grab info from various sources that the physical versions are set for July 22nd 2019.

In North America, they can get their hands on the blu-ray version on 23rd of July. This includes 4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, and also even in DVD. At the other side of the world where Australia and New Zealand is. People can get the physical release on the 24th of July.

In the Netherlands and Germany, you can buy it from 7th of August. Then both in Sweden and Norway Alita will be available for purchase on 19th of August! That’s really late. I hope that people will support this movie and forget to download the illegal torrent version of the movie.

We really need a sequel to this fantastic Sci-Fi movie! Because Alita is not just a movie. She is our healer and a very wise guardian for millions of souls around the globe.


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