The Alita Battle Angel took the world by storm in February 2019. I have written many articles about how great I think this movie was. I saw it 7 times at the cinema and now I am fighting together with #AlitaArmy and all of the fans to finally getting a YES to see the sequel being made. This sci-fi written story by Yukito Kishiro is written for the original Manga in Japan back in the 1990s.

Now, I want to see the sequel made by Robert Rodriguez, Jon Landau and James Cameron become a reality and with this tease. The hope is closer than ever before.

It took Alita: Battle Angel a little time to find its audience back in 2019. But once the big eyes negativity changed for the beauty of her and the impressive story of the movie. This sci-fi movie became something of a sleeper hit and picked up some very dedicated fans.

With this tease the Alita fanbase can put even more pressure on Disney to make a sequel

Back in February 2019 this movie was released without much hype but once people started to see it and promoted it to friends and family. The movie had doubled its popularity by May 2019. The Alita Battle Angel community was formed.

Alita Battle Angel is a stylish sci-fi action movie that features some incredible fight scenes, cool VFX and Rosa Salazar’s Alita, which is in my mind is Oscar worth because of all the details that the designers gave her. Yes, you can see all of Rosa Salazar’s scars in Alita’s skin. Alita’s hair, eyes, skin, and lips are so detailed made.

I wonder what the entertainment media was doing when they watched this movie to review it?

Now it’s the time for Alita Sequel to be announced!

Unfortunately, though, the Alita Battle Angel franchise’s future has been uncertain. But #AlitaArmy and the Alita Battle Angel fans have never given up hope to witness the sequel.

The very first Alita: Battle Angel movie ends on a cliffhanger with the story half-told. However, fans have launched a #ReleasetheSnyderCut style campaign, dubbing themselves Alita’s Army with the hashtag #AlitaArmy rising for each day since the last days of Alita being showing at the cinema.

Distrita and the Alita fans together are hoping to convince everyone and especially the new IP owners Disney that her story is worth finishing. I just hope that this sequel will be shown at cinemas worldwide because it’s worth it! The love for this movie shows that.

The producer Jon Landau posted pictures from Avatar 2 before where he has encouraged the fanbase to keep Alita in the public eye on social media, proving to Disney that there’s an audience out there for it.

But that was then and times changes fast it seems. Because just recently, he’s given what might be an indication that this campaign will bear fruit, as he posted a picture on Instagram of him wearing a T-shirt featuring Alita and the words “Wash Your Hands. I Want A Sequel.”

A Sequel Will be Loved Everywhere

One aspect that might make an Alita sequel more likely at the moment is that COVID-19 seems to give people the energy to actually go out and watch movies again. People are tired of being inside after many weeks of isolation because of the Wuhan virus.

As the Alita films are quite CGI-heavy, it could be possible to create several Alita movies. Helping that out is that many of the CGI assets used in the first movie and Rosa say that she is ready to play as Alita too. So sequels will be cheaper to make for sure. And, ya know, producer James Cameron has some serious energy.

So I really think that the sequels will be good! The standard is set. Now its time to give us the Sequel.

Alita Battle Angel is Finally coming to Blu Ray

Source: Instagram