One of the most awesome sci-fi movies from 2019 is Alita Battle Angel. But with no nominations or prizes at Oscar even. AlitaArmy has taken the sequel demand for this cyberpunk sci-fi movie to new heights. The movie started slow, but fans built a community around it and so the interest for the movie grew day by day.

Alita Battle Angel is a movie that followed the eponymous cyborg Alita which is played by Rosa Salazar. She is totally in 3D while most of the other actors are real. But the way they made Alita is remarkable. She is not just a movie star. She is a positive spirit that will stay with people’s hearts to the end.

This movie woke almost anybody that saw it. Alita wakes up with amnesia and gradually comes to discover what she was built for. Yukito Kishiro built the character in Japan. Many Manga comic books have been released and an anime. But this movie takes a sci-fi movie based on Anime to new heights. The only Ghost In The Shell movie is a great personalized experience. But Alita Battle Angel takes everything even further. Alita Battle Angel made an Anime story compatible with everyone.

Alita Battle Angel #Alitasequel flying above Oscar

The feature-packed Alita Battle Angel movie got quite a cast between Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connolly, Mahershala Ali and Ed Skrein. Most of the movie critics on rotten tomatoes dot com site and other places have just written a bunch of crap regarding Alita. It seems to me as if they haven’t seen the movie at all.

They just base their reviews on others in many cases. It seems like they haven’t seen the movie at all. Especially when they mention that the special effects in this movie aren’t that special???

Alita got Unfair Mixed Reception From The Media

So, Alita did get lots of mixed reception from the media. But people who watched it loved it. People couldn’t understand the critics of the movie. I myself saw it 7 times. I have bought BluRay and DVD of Alita. I have converted it so my older computers can show the movie too. I am even in a project to release it in the CDXL format for Amiga.

Domestically, Alita also failed to impress in the USA. Everything in the media over there was about breaking the marketing budget which seemed to fail totally. But in worldwide receipts, the film fared much better. In China and the rest of Asia, this movie became a humongous hit. It became bigger than the crew and producers thought of. So when they came on a visit to Asia, it became obvious that this movie had hit a spot outside of the USA for sure.

Also here in Norway, the movie did really well. Alita Battle Angel went for over 4 months at the cinemas here. I think I saw one of the last showings even. No one would think that the movie’s popularity would increase this much. But it did.

Reviews too were positive on our site here but, others gave it not the best. Because they didn’t see it or understood the story. It seems that for all the people not bothered with it, ‘Alita Battle Angel’ also created some die-hard fans. Some feared it would be over after some weeks only, but here I am in February 2020 writing about the possibility to get a #Alitasequel! Disney seems to be a rotten company with no passion for what people love. Instead Oscar got The Lion King movie nomination? Alita should have been nominated!

What began as a campaign and hashtags on social media has gone further again. During the Oscars, a banner which read “#AlitaSequel #AlitaArmy” flew overhead in Los Angeles. Including Distrita posting lots of Alita articles. I want to make sure that #AlitaSequel will happen. It must because Alita is the best-made movie ever to hit the world.

We stand behind the #AlitaArmy #AlitaSequel Demand!