The fans of Alita Battle Angel deserves so much more love than just putting prequels or sequels onto Disney+! This content is too good and must be put onto cinemas everywhere in the world.

My reason for loving Alita Battle Angel is not to put Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck into the universe where Alita is. Disney should care here or they will be hated more than ever. #AlitaArmy and the fans expect a fantastic sequel that continues where the first movie stopped.

Alita Battle Angel tears for keeping the next movie and productions available for Everyone!

Next Alita Movie Should Not be Disney+ Exclusive!

Alita Battle Angel should be shown at cinemas everywhere, but now with various rumors news about a prequel show that is supposed to be aired is spreading on Disney+? Stop this madness. Not everyone got your streaming platform and Alita deserves so much more respect than this. I know that Disney got lots of money, but please don’t give the fans heart attacks!

I have bought the Manga and I want Alita prequels and sequels to follow it. No Disney+ only shows please. Millions of Alita fans around the world will be disappointed if this happens. This next movie deserves as much love as the first movie, and all of the actors seem to want to continue also.

Don’t upset Alita fans Disney!

Alita Battle Angel is for everyone, not just for Disney+ and I will write so much about this to make this clear. This movie is too worthy for that. Everyone deserves to see her in action more than once at the cinemas worldwide.

Stay awesome! And join #AlitaArmy for giving us a sequel. They are a community of Alita Battle Angel with fans that are members who are dedicated to supporting Alita and Rosa Salazar passionately and POSITIVELY. Alita is more than just the movie. She is a positive spirit that Disney should never attempt in bringing only to Disney+. Never!