In the west, we often tend to like the superheroes of Marvel and DC. But once you cross the sea to the east of US you find Japan. A country where Anime and Manga are so humongous huge that you won’t believe your eyes if you ever got the chance to visit that country. This is the country where Alita Battle Angel was born.

Almost all Anime and Manga productions that are made in Japan holds a very high standard. This also goes for all the Sci-Fi Anime and Manga productions too. They are not in the same style as Marvel or DC productions at all. They are way more dramatic and violence isn’t something that they are afraid of showing. In Japan, small children learn what fight and blood are in the early years so they don’t have the same censorships as in northern America and Europe.

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Beyond this part, some minor details from the movie are revealed!

Yukito Kishiro made Alita Battle Angel Possible

Alita Battle Angel is a Japanese Sci-Fi Masterpiece, alita battle angel movie

It all started with the Manga version of Alita Battle Angel. It was written by Yukito Kishiro, called only “Battle Angel Alita”.

Then there was an Anime adaptation of the first few books, called “Battle Angel” which was released as “original video animation”, consisting of 2 episodes, Rusty Angel and Tears Sign. But in Japan its not known as Alita. It is known as “Gunnm” over there.

It is a dramatic sci-fi story that is beyond anything else

This sci-fi story is about happenings that eventually would happen in the 26th century. It’s about a floating city, called Tiphares, which dumps its trash onto the world below. In this bleak landscape, called the Scrapyard, we find a character called Doc Ido, a cyborg physician who finds the head and torso of a young cyborg girl.

Only Alita’s brain is human and she has lost her memory. Doc Ido rebuilds her and later they discover at his lab that she has been programmed with an ancient cyborg fighting style.

Alita Battle Angel is a Japanese Sci-Fi Masterpiece

Alita wakes up in her room looking at her robotic legs and arms. Jumps out of the bed and boom onto the floor before she finds out that her body is responsive to her minds signals. Soon our Alita character finds out that Doc Ido works as a bounty hunter for the Factory, (the support organization for the floating city). Together, they take on many deadly foes as they try to unlock Alita’s true power and potential.

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Avatar creator made a Masterpiece

James Cameron made this live-action adaption movie possible. It is based of the first three volumes of the manga series. We hope that More movies would cover Alita’s past and future if the first one becomes the success and it really seems that the BluRay sales are up in the attic.

Both Landau and Cameron are drawn to scenes involving Motorball, which is the gladiator-style racing battle for cyborgs in which Alita participates.

If you’re a big fan of anime or just movies in general, don’t miss Alita Battle Angel. Get it in your local store, subscribe to streaming services that got Alita, etc. Be a hero. Because this sci-fi story is a Masterpiece. It is not just for sci-fi interested people. It’s so emotionally remarkably well made. You need to give this movie a chance.

Alita Battle Angel is a Japanese Sci-Fi Masterpiece

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Source: Marc Richards