What happened to the people watching Alita Battle Angel? How did this movie get such attention from almost nowhere? And why did I watch it 7 times at the cinemas here in Oslo? I watched it at several different cinema companies too. So I wanted to take you through all of my 7 visits and why.

Why did a 40-year-old person like me love Alita Battle Angel? Did my heart gets confused or did the filmmakers do a remarkable work keeping me hooked or was it something else? I have questioned myself these questions since I saw it and have now come to a time when I feel its time to write about it. To share with you my experience and feelings growing for the movie.

I want to share here why I went 4 times to nfkino cinemas and 3 times to ODEON Cinema in Oslo. I must also mention that if you read more there will be spoilers. What made me do the return? Here is my diary from February to May 2019 when Alita Battle Angel just grew on me day by day. We start with the first watch.

Alita Battle Angel at Colosseum in Oslo

On the 8th of February 2019, Alita Battle Angel movie had its premiere in Oslo, Norway. I must admit that I was a bit skeptical at first. I saw the trailer but I didn’t have any negative thoughts about Alita’s eyes since I am used to seeing big eyes in Anime and I knew that this movie is based on Manga and Anime series from Japan.

My problem wasn’t that I didn’t want to see the movie on its premiere day. But I couldn’t get any friends to see it with me at the start and I am a social type of person when going to the cinema. I have almost never seen a movie at the cinema alone before I saw Alita Battle Angel. So this delayed my visit because most of the people I knew were already quite negative towards the movie. Her eyes looked odd was many of my friend’s reactions. So, because of no one wanting to see it. My burning desire for some reason told me to go out and order a ticket for myself. And so I did!

Finally, on the 14th of February 2019, I found time to watch Alita Battle Angel for myself. Finally, I went to the cinema alone and what this movie did was that it blew my mind from the very start. Instead, a pumping starts with lots of fancy introduction text.

Alita Battle Angel starts with the known FOX intro tune and logo turning into a futuristic version of itself. The only text that appears, in the beginning, reveals the year before the movie shows parts of the majestic Zalem and then pans down to the scrapyard where Dr. Ido is looking for parts. There is no text telling me what I am watching, but music got a dystopian feeling over it.

I realize now one year after my very first watch of the movie that the whole intro and atmosphere of the movie made a vital role in my passion for the movie. The unknown, the interest in what’s coming and what it will reveal grew in me minute by minute.

Dr. Ido notices a unique Cyborg in the scrapyard

When I first saw Dr. Ido which is acted by Christoph Waltz gives me a calm feeling. I knew already then that Dr. Ido is a vital character in the movie. Christoph Waltz act is very good. I get to know that he is a type of doctor that works together with Idara Victor which acts as Nurse Gerhad. When I saw her, I found peace in me as her smile made me calm. He is charismatic from the very start when he finds Alita’s mind intact in the scrapyard and finds an armored body for her.

When Nurse Gerhad helps Dr. Ido putting “Alitas” together with detailed showing all pieces getting connected and that Dr. Ido calls this character a little angel. Now that is a beauty. All of this makes me interested more and more. It’s like the movie drags me into the story before the story begins and the creators of this movie did that in a remarkable way.

The movie is so good at introducing the watcher into the main character and the special connection that builds up during this period of the movie. It is really something that I’ve never ever seen before. The entire intro is done to perfection and shows that if this part is done well the movie can be outstanding. I remember watching the Miami Vice movie too with no intro but that one didn’t give me the same passion at all.

Alita wakes up in her bed

Now,… If I can state something. This scene when Alita wakes up for the first time is colossal before she knows that her name will be Alita. It is one of the most unique, wonderful, interesting and for sure one of the most absolutely enormous moments that I’ve experienced in my life.

No other movie has introduced a superhero cyborg in this way. The Ghost In The Shell intro of the anime and the movie is in my own view great too but its too Japanese sexuality focused. You get somewhat connected with the main character there but when the Alita cyborg wakes up for the first time your mind understands the perfection in introducing a human alike cyborg to those watching the movie. All the details that are put into showing Alita’s creation for the first time are stunningly made.

She wakes up in bed. Director Robert Rodriguez and Writer James Cameron show their dedication to details. Her face details are out of this world good. All the details that you can see on her face are amazing. I noticed her wonderful eyes with so many details put into them. You can see the digital pores and the liquid in them so precisely made. There is simply no design flaw at all.

Then we have her beautiful lips, the scar on her nose, her eyebrows where the right one is darker than the left one and her thick hair. The details of her beautiful teeth details showing up is a great detail too. Later in the movie, the watcher can see her tongue too in action when she eats. Everything is really nicely done in 3D. Rosa Salazar plays Alita really well with having tons of equipment on her while acting.

Alita grows rapidly in the Movie

From the moment when we see that Alita wakes up until the end of the movie. The main character grows up so fast but at the same time, all the details, emotions, action, drama and a bit of humor took me to another dimension. Not only is the main character Alita well made with great personalities. I also love all of the actors that completes the movie such as all the side characters, Keean Johnson which plays Hugo, the bad guys and the entire atmosphere in Iron City makes the movie really watchable.

When Alita grows up from being an ordinary girl to have her very first kick at an enemy. That went like a rush through my feelings when seeing it for the first time. A cyborg girl growing up. The connection that Alita and Dr. Ido managed to get is genuine and real between the characters.

Every turn and direction that the movie took, I felt more and more connected to it because of the rapid story development. I wanted to see more of Alita and everything she did. But in the very first watch, I didn’t see all of the details in the movie such as Alita’s chocolate-eating, the awesome Motorball arena details, nature and all of the Zalem details. I also felt when Alita Battle Angel movie ended the movie so fast but in a good way.

Alita simply invited me to watch it again. With the quite intense ending of Alita where she is pointing the sword towards Nova played by Edward Norton for a very short time.

The movie didn’t end there for my interest and so I became more and more aware of wanting to see #AlitaSequel getting released. I continued to watch Alita Battle Angel for 6 more times before the cinemas stopped showing the movie. In the next article, I will continue on with my second time watching the movie and why my second time leads to me visiting the cinema even more.

I am amazed that nfkino still has my history of when I saw Alita Battle Angel last year. I am a member of the cinema group, so it’s nice to see my history there. For the ODEON cinema, I have nothing though.