One of our most loved movies ever seen is Alita: Battle Angel which you can read about here. This movie is so touching. It moves everyone’s hearts so if you have seen it once. See it one more time. It is getting better and better each time you watch it.

But where is the location? Alita is in 3D and some of the other enemies are. But the filming location is located in Texas. We look at the transit options in these towns for you.

Filming Locations in Texas USA

Hollywood got many filming locations. Alita: Battle Angel is a superb 3D made movie but it is also filmed at specific locations. Those are located in Austin and Dallas. Both of the cities can be found in the state of Texas.

Austin got about one million people. Currently, Austin got a Capital MetroRail system which only consists of one line which is named the red line. It is alternately designated as Route 550 on internal Capital Metro documents. Its northern terminus is the Leander Station and Park & Ride and the southern terminus is the Downtown (Convention Center) Station.

Dallas is the other town which got a bit more than a million in population. These are hot cities. Dallas is the bigger one. It is a city which is connected by Light rail system “DART” (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) and also a small streetcar line.

Warm weather location where Alita: The Battle Angel was made

The main character which is playing Alita (Rosa Salazar) is doing everything in live-action. They use CG animation and many parts of the movie were shot in 3D, using the stereo imaging system that James Cameron had been developing for his documentaries. With such warm weather as it is in Texas. It must have been an interesting experience for the actors. Rosa Salazar did an excellent job.

Alita: Battle Angel had its futuristic world created at Robert Rodriguez’s Troublemaker Studios in Austin, Texas. They created a movie that I will always remember. The team should be proud of the work. It is a movie we love and now you know a little bit more about where it is made.

So, maybe your next trip is to Austin Texas USA?


Source: Filmspotz