Alita Battle Angel DVD is set for July 23rd, 2019 release and many asks if it’s worth getting the DVD version contra getting the BluRay version? The answer depends on what sort of monitor or television that you will use and what type of version you need.

Alita Battle Angel DVD Release on 23rd of July

23rd of July is the physical release date of the DVD release

Alita is a CGI-animated beauty angel that took the Internet by storm. Her popularity is growing each day it seems and now with the physical releases closing on us the sellers will have a good time. Buyers hope that when it is out. The sales numbers will help for getting an Alita Battle Angel sequel.

The BluRay version will be the best one. Its made for 1080p or even 4K HD TV. But what about the DVD release? Is it worthy of getting it? Distrita thinks Yes!

Alita Battle Angel DVD Release on 23rd of July

Watch Alita Battle Angel on any MPEG-2 compatible OS

Distrita got a site called Amitopia Amiga Magazine which is only about Amiga computers made a long time ago. These machines need to be upgraded so you eventually can watch the DVD version. A PowerPC CPU is strongly recommended or an MPEG2 hardware decoder.

The DVD version of Alita Battle Angel will for sure look great on any older CRT type television set and monitors that don’t take bigger HD resolutions. Also, this version is perfect for laptops that only got a DVD drive.

Not everyone wants to have an HD TV or have the income to get a pricy monitor for watching the movie. As long as your computer can handle a MPEG-2 decoder that either runs in software or hardware mode. You should be able to watch it.

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Alita Battle Angel DVD Release on 23rd of July

In Alita Battle Angel, our female cyborg named Alita doesn’t remember her own creation. Ido is a cybernetics doctor in Iron City. He is the one that finds Alita abandoned in a dumpster and brings her back to life. As he does so, Alita begins to realize her full potential throughout the movie.

In the beginning, she thinks she is just an ordinary teenager but learns fast that she is a fighter with incredible skills.

Alita Battle Angel DVD Release on 23rd of July

From being an insignificant girl, Alita comes under the attention of the evil government in the city that she starts to get know. Alita must decide whether to embrace their recruitment or the freedom Hugo, her new love interest, provides.

This movie brings intense emotions in all and either you watch it on DVD or in higher resolution. You won’t regret buying it. I will for sure get both BluRay and DVD version.

Alita Battle Angel DVD Release on 23rd of July


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