Kent Sturk was awakened by his dog barking Alban middle of the night.
Then stood his cabin in Kerändöjärvi in ​​Norrbotten in flames.
– I’m lucky that I brought with me Alban in the house otherwise I would not be here, says Kent Sturk.

st bernhard
st bernhard

It was at late. At 1 am on Tuesday night, Kent Sturk woke up in his house in Kerändöjärvi, about ten miles from Pajala, that his Saint Bernard Alban was barking next to the bed.
– He usually never barks indoors, it’s hardly that he barks outside. I got up and got no air. There was smoke everywhere, says Kent Sturk.
He went down on the floor and crawled out to the hall and realized that it had started a fire in the cabin.
– It was full of smoke and the couch was on fire. Where there was smoke, I saw light along the wall, the couch and the stove, says Kent Stuk.

The hall was Kent Sturk wearing shoes and a jacket before he and Alban could get out of the house. Then he rang the 112 rescue number.
Rescue arrived at the scene, but Kent’s house, which he built himself and which was completed in August 2012, could not be saved.

– It is completely gone, says Kent.

However, the fire brigade managed to save his store where he keeps diesel, marine engine and mower.
Kent Sturk had to visit the hospital in Pajala because he had smoke inhalation, but it was nothing dangerous. Now he has to thank Alban he escaped unharmed from the fire.

– It’s a good thing I brought him in the house otherwise I would not be here, says Kent. Alban will get a price: Alban loves Pate! (on the photo)

Price: Pate for the dog!
Price: Pate for the dog!