Ok… I am not an expert in airplanes. So, this report is just a plane exploration article about some of the most fantastic airshow stunts that I have seen with my own eyes. Everything happened at Kjeller airport yesterday in Norway. I didn’t know anything about this airshow event until I heard some very old airplanes flying above my apartment in Oslo. So, I decided to take a biking trip to Kjeller airport with my bike.

Airshow Kjeller Airport Norway

Lot’s of People, Awesome flying skills and Hot Weather

Its almost too good to be true. But it was 31.5C in Oslo area yesterday. Norway’s capital ain’t that far away from the north pole, so to have Mediterranean temperatures here is pretty awesome. So going to such event on a hot day like this is really great. Especially when you find a place with lots of shadow!

I’ve never seen such flying skills in my life for real. Only on YouTube sometimes. But to see it live was really great. They were flying all sorts of airplanes. Some of them, which I believe must have been from before Second World War. And they flew! Not just one by one but also in different formations. It was Awesome!

First I visited the event itself, but it was so Hot … Yes! Hot.. Secondly it was so crowded at the event area. This airshow was held at the airport at Kjeller airport. Which is a hobbyist airport sitting just outside of Lillestrøm which is just outside of Oslo. So, to not melt totally. I went around the airport and found a spot with shadow. Not the best place to be regarding great standards. But it kept me alive while watching the airplanes!

Many hobbyist people with Cameras taking even better Photos than my Sony Xperia Z1 mobile camera

Once I found the place at the other side of the airport. I also found several people taking photos with ultra awesome cameras. After a while I was there only with one other person, but he stood at the top of a metal cage in front of me. I managed to take a quite nice photo of him when he also took a picture of one of the airplane formations in the sky, which you can see below.

Airshow Kjeller Airport Norway

Airshow Kjeller Airport Norway

I never regret that I went to this show. Even though it took me about 2 hours biking from Oslo to Kjeller. It was worth it and in 31.5C temperature. Biking is awesome! Especially downhill. Next Year I will be prepared Even More! Then I will have a better camera with me including my mobile phone for sure. Awesome Sunday that I will never forget. Happy to share this moment with you.

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