In Norway, Europe and America we kind of get very clumsy when lot’s of snow falls down at once. Airports cancels takeoffs and landings or even closes totally for a shorter period. But what if the world had the same power as the service plowing personel at Aomori Airport. They do snow plowing like any sports tean would do. Their effort to get ridd of the snow, is what can be described as duty when it happens. So! Every International Airport should look to the snow plowing service at Aomori Airport in Japan.

Only in Japan looks at the Snow Plowing at Aomori Airport

John, which is doing huge success with his Only In Japan documentary blog about Japan, is from USA and India. For the moment he is hitchhiking from south of Japan to the north! He is creating one of the most inspiring and most entertaining videos on YouTube. However, in this episode that he made earlier this year you get to know the extreme airport snow plowing personel at Aomori Airport in Japan! Just check the video below as a start!… Read on…!

ONLY in JAPAN showing Aomori Airport Snow Plowing

Nothing stops these Snow Plowing Airport Personel

Either it’s heavy or light snow, this snow plowing team manages to pull everything they got and all of their strength, doing their duty so that every airplane landa or takeoff safely in all sorts of winter type of weather from Aomori Airport in northern part of Japan, where winter can be quite chaotic. Look to this airport, Oslo Airport!

Om lag 150 av 800 flyvninger ble innstilt og timelange forsinkelser preget trafikken for resten av dagen.

On Monday and Tuesday this week, the winter made a comeback to Oslo Airport and it managed to cancel 150 flights! This would never happen at Aomori Airport, because their snow plowing team wouldn’t have the heart to let it happen. There is no delays from this airport.

These working horses of people, just stand ready and plows the snow away from the runnaway in a systematic way. Nothing stands in their way really! In summer they work as rice farmers, but in winter they do all they can to protect the airport. It’s a fantastic demonstration on how people actually can work and co-operate if there is will to it.

Within 40 Minutes, they manage to clear the Snow!

In only extreme snow weather falls, Osamu Yamazaki (leader) says that they might do it in 45 or 50 minutes. But thats only if its extreme. Mostly they do plow all of the snow from the runaway in just 40 minutes. Their team is called White Impulse and they’ve got so many positive and spirited people working for them. The precise timing of snow plowing by all of the members is an art itself (just watch the video above!).

Only In Japan does fantastic work showing of Japan to the world on YouTube and this production about Aomori Airport Snow Plowing by White Impulse team is no exception. Quality YouTube production for sure!

ONLY in JAPAN on YouTube