AirAsia flying Experiences in 2010

Distrita tried out the AirAsia route between London and Kuala Lumpur I 2010. So here is our verdict for this low-cost route that connects Europe and Asia in a cheap way. Update! Sadly this route is no more, but read on how the experience actually was!

The intro

The cue for getting tickets is short and all of the people got positive eye contact. They even have a sense of humor which I like.

The flight

This must be one of the most convenient or good pilots that took me from a to b. Big space for feet even though this is a low-cost company. Nice and clean toilets too.

The food

I didn’t try Malaysian cuisine. I went for an International meal which tasted, but for an 11-hour flight, this was a bit too little food for the price you pay for getting food on the 11-hour flight.

Help or not

I must say I was satisfied by the service when asking the cabin personnel and all look so slick, cute and have service in mind. I feel that other flight companies should look towards AirAsia because here others have much to learn… yes, Ryanair too!!!

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