Reynisfjara in Iceland is Not a Playground

There is a reason why people that go to places should follow rules. The rules are set because your safety comes first. Your parents teach you how to behave, but you as an adult don’t listen to rules as at Reynisfjara in Iceland. Please do respect the local rules wheneverContinue Reading

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Iceland opened at two locations in Oslo Norway

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All staff Restrooms in Reykjavik, Iceland is now becoming Unisex

Restrooms in Reykjavik, Iceland is getting Unisex bathroom focus writes. Iceland Monitor writes that Reykjavík City’s Human Rights and Read more

Drug usage on Iceland is shrinking More than in other Countries

What is going on Iceland? This little tiny nation that got about 348,580 living there sees a shrinking drug use. Read more

Let's take you to the Amazing Italian city of Taormina on Sicily

We have made one of the most intense articles about transit options on Sardegna which is a beautiful Italian owned island in the middle of the Mediterranean ocean here. Italia is a huge European country and so we decided to do a pristine and unique series of articles. These willContinue Reading

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Oulu | Finland’s biking paradise

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Caçapava do Sul |Hidden gems in the southernmost state of Brazil

Get ready for some astonishing views of green mountains and beautiful valleys in Caçapava do Sul! Brazil is a huge Read more

Novosibirsk – a Russian pearl you have to visit

Did you know Novosibirsk is Russia's third-largest city? Well, now you know. Learn why Novosibirsk is worth to visit! Novosibirsk Read more

Visit Real Cowboys in USA’s 15th Smallest Capital

Love outdoor activities? Love to be inspired in all directions that you walk? Love to visit a calm place without Read more

Take the Unknown Steam Tramway in Belgium

In a very nice time age at the end of 1800 just before the electrification came. A time revealed new narrow gauge steam tramways that opened in the center of Europe. Many of them opened in Belgium and so one of the last metric tramway lines is kept to tellContinue Reading

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Two Micro Pacman Games Tested by Chris and Natsuki

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Cheese Burgers, Steak and Ramen at a Belt Sushi Restaurant in Japan!

We often think of sushi restaurants as places which only sells raw fish on top of rice. But sushi stands Read more

Sherwood got a bit of Alita: Battle Angel spirit in it

The awesome movie Alita: Battle Angel changed me forever. I must admit that I am a totally new person today Read more

Recently voted Copyright Law in the EU Parliament threatens YouTube

Something is going on in EU. A new copyright law could change the Internet as we know it forever. YouTube Read more

Acapulco beach

Acapulco Beach is a Mexican port located in the state of Guerrero and is one of the main tourist places in Mexico City. Its climatic conditions and natural formations make this destination one of the most chosen by both tourists and the inhabitants of this area. Today we gonna lookContinue Reading

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Chiles En Nogada is Delicious

The chile en nogada (more commonly chiles en nogada, in the plural, although it is not usually served more than Read more

Enchiladas de mole poblano

Mole poblano enchiladas stuffed with shredded chicken. These enchiladas are prepared very easily with ready-to-serve mole and roast chicken. Ingredients Read more

octopus ceviche

Consent to the palate with the virtues of the sea is one of the things that people enjoy and nothing Read more

Icelandic swimming pools revealed

Here is some of the most Charming Secret Lagoons with Iceland swimming pools and Iceland hot springs that you have to try. They are located on every corner of Iceland, which is ranked as the country with Best Service in the world. The most known bath place is named Iceland Blue Lagoon,Continue Reading

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10 days of detox treatment on Iceland

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Svalbard slow tv is seen by almost 1 Million Norwegians

For 9 days, 5 hours and 59 minutes, the national broadcaster in Norway which is named NRK is showing slow Read more

Rare Polar stratospheric Clouds spotted in Oslo

On the 24th of January 2020. Some really rare clouds were spotted in Oslo (Norway) that I have never seen Read more

Taal volcano in Batangas, Philippines eruption

Only 62km south of Manilla, which is the capital of Philippines. The Taal  volcano just had an eruption on 12th Read more

Khao Lak, Thailand

The Sarojin (Khao Lak, Thailand) is a fantastic destination that is often forgotten. But, Distrita never sleeps regarding touristic destinations. So, let’s dive into this fantastic area in Thailand! Adventurous Journey in Khao Lak, Thailand Of course, you can make an adventurous journey including champagne and dine on a desertContinue Reading

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Australia's second largest city is Melbourne. It has some 4.8 million inhabitants that got many transit options. One of them Read more

Sweden is getting Ready for Candy-hungry Norwegians

On 1st of January 2018, all of those that have opened stores beside the Norwegian border inside Sweden, is now Read more

Essen in Germany with excellent Tram-Tunnel entrance

When it comes to how cities in the world should solve their public transportation issues, then Essen in Germany is Read more