In Aarhus, the Light Rail that is already there will be extended further. Now all of phase 1 is over, so now Aarhus is getting ready for expanding its light rail project even further. This being set for an extension of the stage 2. Phase 2 is divided into three sub-projects, namely:

  • – Aarhus Ø
  • – Brabrand (probably for a new regionaltogsstation in the district)

Aarhus Light Rail extensions is now moving on towards Phase 2

Light Rail extension to Aarhus Ø is included into Phase 2

The line to Aarhus Ø is to be the first of the three sub-projects being implemented. When Molslinjen moves from the area in the summer of 2020, work can start. It is therefore expected to start construction work in about two years and completion of the stage within one to two years. One of the reasons why it can be done relatively quickly is that there is already reserved space for the letbanetraceet.

Among other things, the politicians have decided that Letban’s Stage 2 is divided into three sub-projects:

  • A light rail line to Aarhus Ø
  • A line between the track train behind Spain in Aarhus C and Brabrand
  • A light rail line between Lisbjergskolen and Hinnerup in cooperation between Favrskov and Aarhus Kommuner. Here are also plans for a Park & Travel facility just above E45 at Søften.

Aarhus Light Rail extensions is now moving on towards Phase 2

So, it is nice to see that there is more plans for the Aarhus light rail network. It means that green technology is winning in Denmark. Which is a thing you wouldn’t think would happen. The coolest and best thing about light rail is that they can run in mixed environments. A light rail tram train doesn’t need to go on streets or on its own avenues. It can run everywhere, which is brilliant. Light Rail can eliminate the need for big central train stations too as they can reach other parts of town quite easy.