The very first tram wagon is set on Danish earth since 1972 when Copenhagen decided to get ridd of one of worlds finest transporting methods. Aarhus will be the first town in Denmark to get a tram route and now its finally in Denmark on its own tracks. However, it will take time until everything will be functioning. For now, the very first wagon is set at the upcoming tram depot in Aarhus.

Map of Aarhus Light Rail Public Transport Network in Denmark

[osm_map_v3 map_center=”56.147,10.211″ zoom=”12″ width=”100%” height=”450″ ]

Small but important facts About Aarhus in Denmark, Europe

The city is the second largest city in Denmark, with a total population of 264,716 as it says on Wikipedia. The town decided months ago to get trams after they’ve seen Bergen (in Norway) success with Bybanen. And finally they have their first wagon with a really interesting choice of design.

Aarhus Light Rail Public Transport Network

photosource / | The very first Tram wagon on its way to Aarhus on a truck


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