The first light rail is now in Aarhus in Denmark. From 2017, Aarhus will have a fully functional light rail system. They have choosen the very same light rail tramsets as Bergen in Norway did. In Aarhus they seem to be a bit more into interesting thinking with adding some wagons capable of running at 100km/h even.

This morning, the very first light rail tramset arrived in Aarhus. The company Stadler will test the track that the tram will run on until the spring 2017. Everything will be thoroughly tested in the local surroundings, and thats a very good start we hope.

The production of the 25 other tram sets is in full development at Stadler’s factories in Germany and Switzerland. Østjyderne can expect to take place in two different types of train , which is already running in several European cities.

– First trip was obviously a great experience. These are light rail system of a very high quality that fully meets our high ambitions for both function and design. We are very pleased with the work Stadler performs, and we look forward to presenting the light rail for østjyderne in 2017. – Claus Rehfeld Moshøj

The tram map will look like this
Aarhus in Denmark

A total of 26 trams will arrive in Aarhus
They are divided into two types

14 trams of type Vario Bahn
The tram Vario Bahn, which Stadler produces in Berlin, is 32 meters long, has a top speed of 80 km / h and will primarily run in Aarhus and on the route Aarhus-Odder. The train has six double doors and two single doors, so a greater number of passengers to quickly get in and out.

12 tram trains of the type Tango
Stadler produces tram train Tango in the Swiss city Altenrhein. The train, which is 39 meters long and can run up to 100 km / h, will mainly serve the longer distance Aarhus Grenaa.

Both types are produced from a well-known pattern. Vario Bahn already running in cities like Bergen and in outskirts of London (Croyden), while Tango among others serving the citizens of Lyon and Stuttgart.

– It is important for us that we buy proven light rail system of a manufacturer that uses only high quality materials. This makes the purchase price a little higher, but we expect that the total life cycle costs are lower, says Claus Rehfeld Moshøj.

Total cost of the 26 tram/light rail sets is over 103 million Euro or 773 million Danish Krone.

Comfort, elegance and good accessibility has and is the priority for Stadler. These wagons will run in Aarhus from 2017 and Distrita will try to give you the opening of the tram system as we aren’t that far away from Denmark.

The design of the new light rail system is unique to Aarhus Light Rail. Among the elements used to strengthen the travel experience are:

Good accessibility for all: the tramway device is intended for both children and adults, daily commuters and tourists, the elderly and the disabled. Among other things, handles, handrails, stop buttons, surfaces and pictograms designed to accommodate the elderly and disabled.

Modern LED technology: The lighting of the trains is based on LED technology, which ensures a natural light, saving energy and automatically adjusted according to the amount of daylight. Also trains front and rear lights are LED technology.

Elegant colors: The mix of gray, blue and black is applied the more striking red, which is the tramway identity color. Inside are gray and blue again, but added brighter colors on the ceiling and walls. Here is red chosen as the color for, among other things grab handle, stop buttons and doors.

Comfortable seats: The seats have good padding and coverings in wool supplied by renowned textile company Kvadrat which belongs in Ebeltoft.

Distrita follows this news for you. It looks like the trams and light rail world is expanding and we want to share the events and news across the globe regarding this. We do this, because trams is one of worlds cleanest and best transportation possibilites. They are very elegant and can fit into almost any location without damaging too much and they are cost-effective.