We often look at our best friends, the dogs as a bit not that smart. They do learn what we teach them to do, but we often don’t see them do something other than what we humans have learned them to do.

That was until I found this video on YouTube with over 800 000 views. It is really amazing to see how this Yorkshire dog actually covers the sleeping baby. So from now on, I have learned and do understand that dogs also can help without be told to help. Amazing!

Look at the video here

This dog name is Misty and it goes to the baby and just understands that something isn’t right. So Misty covers the baby with its nose and mouth. This is amazing. Misty’s owner got everything on video and choose to share this with the world. This shows once again that dogs and animals can be smarter than we think that they are. So look a bit more up to your best friend next time you see it.