We tend to look around on the net, trying to share some interesting and independent content. Most of the articles that we find are strange or entertaining, gets spread like tornados on every site you will find in the top of worlds search engines. This news is no exception! And Distrita spread it too.. But this is not just put here because of the popularity. We find this news so far out weird, that this really needs to be shared with the world. There has been many attempts to produce phone holders and this one is so weird, makes sense but at the same time is so shocking that no one will do it unless they put effort into it.

Animax shocks the entire globe
With this new phone holder you can be sure to have your phone with you everywhere. I don’t know if I want to cry or laugh. I mean, if this is a real product. I say, every politician in the world should get one.

Just check out this YouTube Video