Amazing nature landscapes, colorful houses next to the sea looking like a fairy tale, wild nature that only Ireland is giving us! We continue to appreciate everything beautiful that Ireland has to offer!

1500 years ago, Irish monks lived in their kind of “houses” on the island of Skellig Michael. Today it’s a visit you’ll never forget. The tyny stone huts have been replaced by colorful houses of all colors, bright red, blue, yellow, green, blue and so on. The buildings are low, and they are situated next to the sea, the beautiful mountain hills, the edgy small roads, almost untouched by anybody else than the local habitants that love their unique nature and culture. And some dozens of tourist every year that want to discover the same thing! And we love it too. There are not many places on the earth where we can relax like here. The breath of wind is possibly the only noise, and it’s being close to the sea, feeling a cold breeze and to just be out there and discover it.

Did you know…? We’re pretty excited about Star Wars Ep VII being filmed on Skellig Michael, only a short boat trip from the town of Portmagee in Co. Kerry.

“The Holy Grail of Irish monasc island settlements is truly magical.
About 714 feet high standing on old rock steps with a steep drop off
just a few feet. In the distance a view off little Skelligs island a huge
colony of Gannets a bird sanctuary. Skellig Michael Irish: Sceilig Mhichil
or great Skellig Irish: Sceilig Mhor is an island (the larger of two Skellig
Islands in the Atlan(c Ocean. 11.6 Km west of the Ivaragh peninsula in
County Kerry Ireland. The monastery remained occupied until the 12th
or 13th century during this (me the climate around Skelligs Michael
became colder and more prone to storms this led the monks to abandon
the island and move to the Abbey in Ballinskellig’s. In 1996 Skelligs
Michael was inscribed on the world heritage list. Today it is one off
UNESCO world heritage site.”