A normal Working day Routine for a Train driver in Norway

As a diligent train driver, I meet up at 04.58 in the morning. The time we start at work is always set. Checking in advance what to do today. So then I have to open the turn-by-turn list to see whichever vehicle I will have and where I will drive this morning. Then its time to Retrieve mailbox information regarding the vehicle that I will be using and I need to read through if there is any small errors or something missing. If there is a major failure on the train vehicle, then it cannot be executed. Then the mail folder will not be able to retrieve. Which is needed to keep security up.

A normal Working day Routine for a Train driver in Norway

Every Information in the turn-by-turn list is the current and the vehicle one of us shall have and which is listed.

A normal Working day Routine for a Train driver in NorwayNeed to Look after splitting pins, screws and to see if mechanical parts are in place

The next step as a train driver is external visitation. Going around the train and looking at splitting pins, screws and mechanical parts are in place. Then I disconnect the battery charge and starts the engines. This allows the compressed air system to 8bar. Without air, there are no brakes which can result into unwanted consequences. When the compressed air system is charging, I then start to test the brakes. Everything has to work. There are a number of other systems on the train that must be checked before the train leaves parking. It takes about 45min to check everything. After I finish, I will acknowledge receipt.

My train, of course, has its train number which I have to register in train radio before driving can start. Then I call a shift manager at the operating station which is in contact with the rail freight forwarder drive and I say when it’s time for me to finish. After a while, I get a signal and can switch me to the station that becomes for the train my exit station. Then I have an important conference with my conductor about any things on the train that must be noted as for example toilet not working or shut down.

When the line is ready for our driving license, we complete the exit procedure and run out of drive on departure time. We drive to Oslo, Steikjer, Bodø, Åndalsnes and  Røros.


Source: Wojciech Orlowski