Years in the making the advert says about, where everything will be revealed soon. A new Atari console is under the making, we think. Something that will present Atari 2600 in some new form?

All we know that Atari was one of the companies that brought game consoles to many in the 1970s and 1980s. All of their consoles uses catridges. Even their latest the Atari Jaguar got it. So, what this new Atari console or machine will be. We don’t know. But Atari is known for their games and it is still a strong name. So, to see Atari returning is quite nice.

First Look Teaser video from the Ataribox Makers


Wood machine with Atari 2600 backward Compatibility

It seems like the Atari 2600 is in the idea. Either the design of the console or the software that drives it. The music is quite mysterious and we really hope that this is something that many people have been waiting for as with Years In The Making in the marketing video title on YouTube. This seems to be very serious. But then again. It could be something that were not hoping to see.

If this is a yet another Android box that emulates the Atari, then it will be really bad. However if this is something totally new that is both nostalgic and modern. Now that would be very cool.

Please bring a nice product Ataribox! Do you?