Sygno Music in Brazil is a store, which have started to sell different Amiga extensions in South America. They are a new Amiga dealer to shop, giving a better Amiga service in the region.

The interesting news is that this store is a physical store, which means that you can see Amiga products before buying them. They also got an on-line store.

In the near future they plan to have all products available in the market of Amiga, new or used.

Their Address and contacts are:
Sygno Music

Rua Barata RIbeiro 370, Loja 219, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

+55 21 3251-1567


[email protected]

Congratulations to all Amiga Brazilian users & Fans!!! Long life to our Computer World is their message to us. Distrita wishes them all the best. Thanks for giving Amiga a hand in South America.