Thank you Evángelos for the beautiful music you’ve made. Thank you for everything you did for the sci-fi culture. Thank you for giving 79 remarkable years of your life to the world.

You were known as Vangelis for many. You were a person providing the world with emotions through your amazing sense of making music. You will always be known for being the father of sci-fi music with your astonishing music made for the Blade Runner movie. You will always be remembered as the father of synthesizer music too.

Evángelos died of coronavirus in France, where he lived part-time. Including living in France.

Your body might be gone but your soul and creations will live forever. Thanks for everything. You, Evángelos Odysséas Papathanassíou will forever stay in my heart no matter what.

Your music is everything to me. I will never stop listening to it. The music is timeless and the video is hauntingly beautiful! Thank you so much! ❤❤ Thanks for everything that you did. You are a true legend now for millions around the world. You are a soul full of respect. You will live forever.

Millions of Hearts remember Evángelos Vangelis

Not just for me, but for millions of followers worldwide. The amazing musician that you the one behind Vangelis’s name became meant something. You were like a man who was not from this time and the planet. You brought energy and love to your creations. You made millions of minds think.

Thank you Evángelos for being part of my childhood that you complemented with your harmonious music full of imagination, I grew up with your music I wish you a happy journey among the stars there to heaven. Your music is timeless R.I.P. Vangelis was a truly inspiring musician.

His masterpieces are totally amazing. It’s always mind-blowing good. You always find new details and feelings when listening to them. It is incredible what such a gifted person can achieve and Evángelos managed to be that.

Long life to Evángelos Odysséas Papathanassíou. You made human life so much worthy for millions because of Vangelis.

Oscar-winning Evángelos passed away

On the 20th of May, Evángelos passed away.

He was a musical pioneer. He is known for getting Oscar as the composer in 1982 of the music for the British movie Chariots of Fire. The soundtrack for the cult classic Blade Runner movie is made by him. This movie is now forever kept in our memories forever.

Rest in Peace. You’ve always been bigger than your soul thought you were. Now you are immortal because of your creations.