A man from the State of Utah found a burger that he had bought… 14 years ago! The oddest thing is that the meat was almost in perfect state of conservation.

David Whipple acquired hamburger at a restaurant in Logan on July 7, 1999, as Bill Clinton President of the United States. As a seller of dietary supplements, the aim was to study it. However, the experiment did not work because not it soured. Time passed, moved house and hamburger found its home in a coat pocket.

Fourteen years later, one of her sons gave her in the closet. The family couldn’t believe it. “Nothing of fungi, mildew or odor.” “The bread is hard as a rock, that Yes”, said Whipple.

The family tried to auction the Burger on the Internet. “It came to about $2,000,” Whipple recalled. Finally, they opted not to sell it, not even when a radio station offered $5,000 for her as part of a promotional campaign.

For now, Whipple will not come off perfectly mummified Burger.

“It is already part of the family,” he said. “Perhaps take it on vacation and we can show it around the world,” he added.