Sinkhole Florida

The sound was described by witnesses as a car crash emanating from the bedroom!

Luckily, this is not happening every day: A massive sinkhole swallowed the interior of a Florida house — apparently taking a man to his death — describing the sinkhole as “seriously unstable” and likely to keep growing.

The 36-year old man hasn’t been heard from since he screamed as a 20-foot-deep by 20-foot-wide hole opened underneath his family’s home near Tampa, Florida, United States late Thursday last week.

Sinkhole Florida
Sinkhole Florida
The sinkhole swallowed part of the interior of the house but left the exterior remarkably intact. The only thing sticking out of the hole was a small corner of a bed’s box spring. Cables from a television led down into the hole, but the TV set, along with a dresser, was nowhere to be seen.

“They heard a sound they described as a car crash emanating from the bedroom,” Hillsborough County Fire Chief Ron Rogers said outside the house in Seffner. “They rushed in. All they could see was part of a mattress sticking out of the hole. Essentially, the floor of the room had opened.”

Sinkholes are relatively common in Florida, but they don’t always cause injury or major disruption.

Source: NBC News.