The media have been on this case for a long time. Distrita haven’t put this news on-line until now because we wanted to wait and get more accurate news. It is still quite unstable from both CNN, BBC and TV2 Newschannel on TV what happened. One thing for sure is that the airplane with most Dutch onboard have been shot down in a tragedy which will set Russia, Ukraine and the world on a big test.

Al Jazeera English:
Ukraine rebels accused of blocking jet probe

Ukraine accuses rebels of looting crash site; Malaysian officials arrive in Kiev

TV2 Newschannel Norway:
Frigir navnene på de omkomne – Which means that the name of victims is given,

BBC World:
Ukraine rebels ‘destroy MH17 clues’

TVN24 Poland:
“Samolot odbywał kurs zgodnie z zasadami, reguły zostały złamane na ziemi” – which is translated to “The aircraft held a course in accordance with the rules, the rules have been broken on the ground”

So, from the time being. The news headlines are like this. Conclusion is that rebels is blocking jet probe and that Malaysian officials arrive in Kiev. The Polish media states that the airplane had a normal course and that something hit it from the ground.

Follow the news on tv, radio, internet and in newspapers. Distrita will follow up soon also. Thanks for reading our site.