It’s not every day we can reveal something like a hidden island… Actually, the island is not hiddeislascanarias1n, but until now it has’nt been so well-known as its’ bigger sisters… If you have’nt made your holiday plans for the summer yet, have a look here!

Summer is a great time to visit the island of La Palma, in the Canary Islands.

La Palma is one of the most altitude islands in proportion to its size. You will enjoy spectacular views!


Pure Nature:

Hikers can walk through small forests and have a bath in the heart of La Palma in one of its wonderful waterfalls, the Cascade of Colors.

If you prefer a drier landscape, visit in the south of the volcano Teneguía (the youngest volcano in Spain, 1971) or San Antonio, all volcanoes are dormant and allow for them to walk quietly.


Throughout the summer there are festivals almost every weekend in some villages of the island, with merengue orchestras where you can mostly find the villager people. As you can also go to different bars for a drink in the capital (S / C de La Palma) or Los Llanos.

Enjoy the beaches or Tazacorte Cancajos where you will find good places to eat fresh fish.


In La Palma the food is very good, because it is homemade and fresh. The prices are great. Fish, meat and traditional desserts, certainly once you visit La Palma, you will want to go back!

Distrita will have a closer look at this island and cover it with several articles throughout the year!