A new year is only 2 days ahead, and many people utilize the new year to do something new with their life. One of the activities is learning a new language. There are many ways learning languages. We have tried out many different methods. One of the funniest ways is definitely Babbel. It’s all about interactive learning. They combine text, sound, chat and tasks. Babbel offers courses in English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Dutch, Polish and Indonesian, and the number of languages increase all the time.

We have used Babbel for almost 2 years now and still we are not bored! They have a great selection of courses in Spanish, as we are interested in. They offer lots of courses for beginners as well for more intermediate users. One of their cool features is that you have to repeat how words are pronounced and they give you points (if your microphone is activated.)

On the board you can meet new friends from around the world and be more motivated with your learning. They even have 7 chat rooms, in different languages so you have plenty of ways to practice your new language.

It is free to try! If you want a free week, please send us a mail! Some of the features, like chat and board are free services. The courses cost 12,95 USD a month or almost half price if you pay for a half year.