Since December 11th 2019. Transport Fever 2 is available on Steam. But the game is far from being done. There are so many issues with freezes that Urban Games haven’t fixed at all. Instead they seem to continue going the same path as with the previous games. Let the players be the testers.

The team is aware of RAM issues? Shouldn’t this also be fixed with the first release of the game?

Here is the latest Transport Fever 2 fixes

  • Fixed rare crash with vehicle store
  • Fixed rare crash with cockpit camera
  • Fixed rare crash when buying train
  • Fixed rare crash when building modules
  • Fixed rare crash when generating streets
  • Fixed crash with cockpit camera when animal dies
  • Fixed crash when encountering invalid DDS file
  • Fixed crash when opening vehicle replacement dialog
  • Fixed crash when construction points to missing models (modding)
  • Fixed crash when building “ends” of asymmetric streets (modding)
  • Fixed crashes related to using legacy model format (modding)
  • Fixed tracks not bulldozable in certain cases (near crossings)
  • Fixed cloned trains going to wrong platform
  • Fixed cloned road vehicles coming out of remote depot
  • Fixed replace vehicles sometimes sells all vehicles
  • Fixed line deselected while editing in certain cases (e.g. duplicate line names)
  • Fixed vehicle store confusing modify/buy
  • Fixed moving waggons between trains when balance is negative
  • Fixed issue when replacing reversed train with non-reversible train
  • Fixed signals showing red/green at the same time in certain cases
  • Fixed construction menu categories not visible in certain cases (e.g. electrification)
  • Fixed WASD keys hang when entering in-game menu
  • Fixed headquarters achievement not properly unlocked in certain cases
  • Fixed audio error when managing many vehicles at once
  • Fixed hovercraft engine sound too loud
  • Fixed minor town building details
  • Fixed missing railroad crossing selection tooltip
  • Fixed new vehicle notification details
  • Fixed issue with flickering buttons in line manager
  • Fixed missing translations
  • Fixed dynamic stop label not allowing negative offset (modding)
  • [Campaign] Fixed rare crashes in missions 11, 13 and 14
  • [Campaign] Fixed mistakes in text links and locators in mission 12
  • [Campaign] Fixed missing train descriptions in mission 13
  • [Campaign] Fixed passengers transported by bus counted towards task progress in mission 16

A fix such as Fixed crash with cockpit camera when animal dies should have been fixed a long time ago before the first release of the game. Not when the game got released. I just ask if Urban Games really had beta-testers or not? I myself applied two times as one because I have been beta-testing lots of software before without getting ok and now I see that people have a not 100% completed game from the start.

I go as far as actually claiming that this release is even worse than the very first Transport Fever game. It is really sad! Because then I didn’t have the same expectations as for Transport Fever 2 which I waited for getting released for several months. After have been playing the game since 11th of December when I personally bought the game. I really would like to see a lot more love for the game from the developers. This game was 82% done in my mind. With this bug-fix update its 87% or so. The game seems to be a bit faster on our ASUS X550J NVIDIA GEFORCE 950M PC laptop now which is great. But is that enough? No! Its not.

Still Collision Errors that Doesn’t make sense in Transport Fever 2

It is great that the team is actually releasing updates for the game. Because it needs them. But it seems like Urban Games never tested the game? Or did the developers never read the beta-test bug reports sent to them? If they would have listened. This game would be a lot better from the start. Its just silly errors that should have been fixed which I am amazed at that Steam doesn’t see too. They just simply allow a unfinished game getting released there. Why?

One of the issues with the first Transport Fever was the collision errors as I remember clearly. Then at the end of its lifetime according to Urban Games themselves they actually released an update that removed the collision error issues a lot. Out of sudden you could build bridges as you wanted,.. but now with the Transport Fever 2 release. These collision errors are back! Just look at both of the images below.

It doesn’t matter what type of bridge I chose from the list in Transport Fever 2. I can move the pointer around but the game insists on ‘Too much slope’
Here the tunnel construction in Transport Fever 2 looks very nice but still its a Collision because of the outer curve? It doesn’t make any sense!

As you can see in these images above there are no reasons for why the collisions should happen. All the hills on each sides of the bridge and the tunnel under it looks fine with no collision at all, yet the game says there is ‘Too much slope‘? I remember having the exact same issue with the very first Transport Fever in the beginning. There is even no red marking areas showing, but still not possible to construct this bridge? Why? A different error happens when I want to build a tunnel under the tracks. Then the game insists on that there is a collision error here with the tracks on the bridge by saying ‘Collision‘?

I try to move the road around in any directions to see if the game manages to fix both of the issues described above but nothing! Its so frustrating. You can clearly see there shouldn’t be any issues, yet I am experiencing the same issues that I had in the beginning of Transport Fever life.

Because of these issues I’ve got after updated the game. I must be allowed to ask about whats been done to prevent this issue for coming back? Why is the collision issue back? Didn’t the team learn anything from the previous game? I am very certain that some of the beta-testers must have seen this collision issue before the first release of Transport Fever 2. I have also seen YouTuber’s having the same issue such as the one below. There is clearly no collision visible, yet the game insists that it is. In a transport tycoon building game like this such error should never be allowed to be passed the beta testing of the game. Never!

Video showing about a Bridge that hates this YouTuber

Is Urban Games making these obvious bugs on purpose?

Maybe the CEO’s of Urban Games wants these issues to be there so they can have a reason for releasing a paid update of the game? Something fuzzy is going on. It is sad as the game looks really nice. The vanilla game is in fact looking better than Cities Skylines without any mods added to that game. Transport Fever 2 got so much potential but the developers behind it seems to not wanting to fix things that are important.

Here Urban Games have the oportunity in creating a huge community around a nice game. But seeing the Steam Workshop since the release. I get really sad in my heart as I see how much more Cities Skylines is getting. That game wasn’t bug-free when it was released, but the game developers didn’t start to release DLC’s for it until it actually worked better. It also seemed like the developers listened to the community and that made the game more and more popular. If Urban Games actually did all they could to fix all of the bugs in the games. People would be way more happy. The constant freezes that people and me witness when playing the game is not good. This game deserve so much more love from the developers of the game. It is the true fact but I don’t know if Urban Games reads this article at all.

Transport Fever 2 isn’t a bad game. But it is not a complete game. It should have been much more tested before it was released. The players shouldn’t be beta testers for the developers when they have paid full price for the game. The game developers should instead pay those people finding them. That would be a fair thing to do. Because Transport Fever 2 is not worthy for the price that Urban Games is selling the game for.

You can read way more about this news item on the official Transport Fever 2 group on Facebook or on Steam. To get this update, just login to your Steam account and it will automaticly update the game for you. It is nice to see this update coming but if Urban Games is really serious then the next update should fix the worst errors in the game. I might sound picky now but I am a person loving to buy a whole chocolate bar. Not a half one!

Source: Steam, Distrita own Experience