But not for everyone! Samsung is a bit like Apple in this thinking. Making some revisions absolete quite fast. Only the previous Samsung Galaxy S6 series will have support. New things added Samsung have added a new panel with a list of the most used apps, contact list and muchContinue Reading

Microsoft seems to be hungry to enter the market with the new Windows 10! Things are going much faster than we are used to when Microsoft launches something new and innovative! According to Microsoft Windows 10 will be a revolution for you that want the same user interface on yourContinue Reading

A new year gives hope for new technology! And there are lots of mobile innovation that will surprise us and make us more happy. Xiaomi has been quite succesful with their mobiles, like Mi3 and Mi4. We have big expectations for their Mi5. The rumours are already out: The SamsungContinue Reading

Are you waiting for the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 4? Or iPhone6? Apple is in crisis and has really not invented something new since the first iPhone. All the other ones look almost the same, the screen is much smaller than the competitors, and the features are miles awayContinue Reading