Google is so powerful that it hides other search engines from us. We simply ignore the existence of other alternatives, but they do exist. There are still a large number of excellent research engines in the world that specialize in books, science, and other smart information.

So, here is the list of 8 sites you’ve never heard of

#1 – Academic Resource is an academic resource search engine. More than a billion sources. – search within 20,000 global libraries.

#3 – Scientific Documents Access – access to more than 10 million scientific documents: books, articles,

#4 – Bioscience Magazines Library – is a library of published bioscience magazines – Volunteers from 102 countries collected nearly 4 million publications

#6 – U.S. Government Engine – is a U.S. government search engine for more than 2200 scientific sites

#7 – PDF books Titles – is the largest website to download free PDF books. Claim 225 million+ titles.

#8 – Academic Research Texts – is one of the most powerful research engines for academic research texts. More than 100 million scientific articles 70% free

So. As you see there are nice options for the big search engines. If you want more academic answers there are solutions. Nice to mention alternatives that you can use. The net is full of knowledge.