Would you like to have your body in harmony with your spirit and relax better? It’s not a secret that Mayan steambath is very healthy, and that’s why I wanted to list some of the best Temazcal benefits. Here is the top list 7 reasons why your body needs to try Temazcal.


The Temazcal is a sort of igloo in where in the center of hot stones are placed. The inlet is sealed to prevent the escape of steam and temperature. The session may be individual or group.In most hotels in Yucatan Mexico you will find these spaces of relaxation, where specialized staff will offer massages, aromatherapy sessions, face masks and body treatments with oils or chocolate.  In the gloom, a guide with herbs pours water on the stones and the steam begins to fill the enclosure, providing a deep sense of relaxation.

Temazcal benefits, temazcal health benefits

A very old Mayan tradition

More than a spa treatment, the Temazcal is a cultural experience offering several resorts in the Riviera Maya. We may say that a temazcal is a kind of an authentic Mayan steambath or sweat lodge. In temazcal they merge harmoniously ancient Mayan wisdom and herbal medicine. This variant of the steam has been widely used by the Aztec and Mayan cultures for more than 2000 years ago. The word derives from the terms tetl, Mazcatl and Calli, which together mean “steam house of stones”.

What makes Temazcal different from a normal steambath?

Customization is the keyword for temazcal. One thing that makes Temazcal really stands out from an average steam bath is the way it is tailored to each person. A highly trained healer, called a Temazcalera, will meet with you to check your health and any issues you want to address. This healer will use a hand-held fan made of herb leaves and a small vent at the top of the Temazcal to adjust the temperature to a level that’s perfect for your body. Unique herbs and chants will be chosen specifically for your needs and health benefits.

The sweat lodge is the oldest ceremony known in the American continent. In the ancient days it was a daily life practice, in order to keep a healthy body, still mind and a strong spirit.

The word Temazcal has ancient Mesoamerican origins, meaning “house of heat” or “temple of warm stones,” and was used in Aztec and Mayan cultures to heal and purify the mind, body and soul. The ceremony represents a return to the womb of Mother Earth, and is still used today in many parts of Mexico and Central America for spiritual and health reasons. The purpose of the Temazcal is to be reborn, by balancing participant’s wisdom, awareness and will. The ritual has endless physiological and psychological benefits, and works as an excellent stress reliever because it detoxifies and regenerates cells.

Some of the best Temazcal benefits

According to ancient beliefs, the Temazcal helps relax the muscles and nervous system, stimulate the digestive and respiratory systems and eliminate toxins and fat. Before entering this enclosed space, some guides may ask you to cover your body with mud, which helps in the purification process. The physical benefits are many. The vapor created by the mix of essential herbs provides a long list of Temazcal benefits: it clears the digestive tract, improves blood circulation, energizes tired muscles and cleans the skin.

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What can you expect during a Temazcal session?

During the session, rosemary, basil and peppermint and other scents waft over a vapor created by the shaman as he or she gently throws water over a pile of hot rocks in a pit in the middle of the floor. Visitors are kept hydrated with herbal tea and are permitted to lie down, walk around, or sit still — whatever it takes to cleanse body and mind, according to CNN.

#1: Temazcal gets you away from stress

stress and temazcal benefits

There is not only one reason to have a steambath. But we will start with one problem many people struggle with… Stress… oh, what stress does to muscle soreness your body! Muscle tension in your upper back and neck (and general stiffness from unconsciously tensing your body) can create serious muscle imbalances if you don’t release the tension. Temazcal helps you to relax in your muscles and nervous system. The relaxing feeling is one of my favorite Temazcal benefits.

As much as muscles need to be worked, they also need rest in the form of good sleep and meditation. But avoid vegging on the couch for more than a day. Your muscles will actually relax if you take some “moving workouts” like a gentle stroll, leisurely swim or bike ride, or hatha yoga. Source: Blog.mindvalley.com

Temazcal Purifying Experience, Temazcal
Temazcal is a cultural experience offering several resorts in the Riviera Maya

#2: Temazcal helps you to calm down the nervous system

You will learn to breathe deeply in a Temazcal. Specific breathing exercises may also be used to calm the nervous system. While stress stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, breathing practices supply the brain with increased oxygen and stimulate the parasympathetic system, which has the opposite effect, eliciting a relaxation response. Source: livestrong.com

Improve your digestion with temazcal

#3: Temazcal helps you to stimulate the digestive

Do you struggle with digestive issues? Statistically, many of us do, and there seems to be an ever-growing array of over-the-counter help to improve digestion. It’s common to sweat out a liter of liquid, which is consistent with what your kidneys can filter over a 48-hour period, according to Books For Better Living.

#4: Temazcal is perfect for aid recovery

The Ancient Mayans often carried out temazcal rituals for warriors returning from battle, and new scientific studies suggest that they had the right idea, according to The Culture Trip. Thermal therapy increases blood circulation, thereby delivering vital hormones to areas of the body that most need them for recovery. It’s really helpful in treating respiratory problems. Exposure to heat can also help reduce pain in patients with arthritis because it stimulates the release of endorphins and hormones such as adrenaline.

#5: Temazcal cleans your skin

temazcal skin cleansing
Spending time in a temazcal will clear and soften your skin. It is indeed a very effective alternative to help heal, to reaffirm and beautify the skin, according to Biomanantial.com. It also tones the skin and makes it feel really soft.

The clay on the skin is an excellent choice for:

  • Reaffirming and oxygenating the skin
  • Tackling acne
  • Hot spots, rash Acne
  • Skin dries and withers, and premature wrinkles
  • Helps cell regeneration
  • Exfoliating: removes dead cells and debris

#6: Temazcal cleans also your inner self

The process you’re going through during the Temazcal ceremony is supposed to help you connect with your inner self and get a better understanding of your own process and mind, about opening up to receive ancient spiritual medicine. After sweating out all your spiritual and physical impurities in temperatures up to 104ºF, you’ll leave with a sense of inner harmony, enlightenment and rejuvenation. The scene shows warm water being taken from the Temazcalli to be used for other healing or cleansing  purposes which demonstrates that the water from the Temazcalli was seen as being spiritually blessed with healing powers (otherwise they could just use hot water from a cauldron or kettle). Source: Uncovered History. It was an integral part of their ritualistic lifestyle and considered to provide healthy mind, body and soul. Temazcal improves your thinking of relations, like friends and relationships, to have a good balance within our lives.

#7: Fights insomnia and depression

The Temazcal also releases negative ions into the air, which can help boost energy, alleviate depression and relieve stress. Negative ions are molecules that have gained or lost an electrical charge and are created through air molecules breaking apart— in the case of the Temazcal, through moving air and water. Once the negative ions reach the bloodstream, they produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood-enhancing chemical, serotonin. Source: Inatetraditions.com.

Beating insomnia with temazcal

Where to find the best Temazcal?

Temazcal steam baths are located all over the Riviera Maya in Mexico. Spas and hotel resorts in the Yucatan Peninsula often have their own Temazcal on site. The cenotes, which were for centuries sacred to the Maya sites are another place where you can enjoy a soothing massage. The Riviera has a lot of them.

The Mayan Temazcal ritual comes from the Mayan religion and has been practiced in Mexico for generations. At La Hacienda Cancun, the base campers meet a shaman healer who organizes a true Temazcal ceremony in the typical Mexican tradition. Do you want to find the best Temazcal locations? I will recommend this great thread on Tripadvisor regarding the best Temazcal near Tulum and Playa del Carmen.

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Caution – it’s very hot in there!

Warning: Temazcal can be too hot to handle for some people. We already mentioned it could be 104 degrees Fahrenheit (or 40 degrees Celsius). Do not participate in the ceremony if you suffer from any of the following: heart conditions, high or low blood pressure, epilepsy, if you are pregnant, or if you have an open wound or intense sun burn.


Mexico has really understood the benefits of a temazcal ceremony for centuries. Participants have reported feeling physically, emotionally and mentally much healthier. Try this unique Temazcal experience when visiting Mexico!