BlackBerry smartphone with Android In 2018The mobile smartphone market is changing rapidly all the time. Google and Apple is already leaders, so it is hard for commercial competitors to keep trying inventing new mobile operating systems. This is why BlackBerry had to switch to a new operative system from their old operating system QNX to survive. And in this article I want to explain that the switch to Android went much better than I thought it would.

I focus on the qwerty keyboard functions in this article! Here I will explain why you should use a BlackBerry smartphone with the most popular operative system in 2018.

TCL in China is one of the companies licensing the BlackBerry name and they have managed to release something very interesting. They have managed to release qwerty smartphones with Android that is good looking and is extravaganza to use. These new Android phones from BlackBerry with Android comes with great security and qwerty keyboard that is a gift for people loving to write fast.

These features mentioned here are just some of the BlackBerry areas which they have always been known for having. And that’s something that they have brought to Android. Incredible.

These reasons in this article is based on my BlackBerry keyone usage and that fact that I’ve been a huge fan of Nokia E90 and HTC Desire Z before.

Here is my 7 Reasons for keeping your BlackBerry Qwerty Android smartphone

1. Have endless shortcuts on your smartphone

On a touch only phone without any physical keys. You are mostly locked to do everything that is on the touch screen. Some very few Android smartphone makers does have a shortcut key. But BlackBerry keyone and BlackBerry Key2, which is the newest Android qwerty smartphones got tons of them. Every key on the qwerty keyboard can be assigned to almost everything you want. Also there is a key on the side of the phone, which sits below volume keys that can be used for an app or Google service that is most important to you.

This feature makes BlackBerry really standout from the rest touch only smartphones.

2. Scroll Like a Pro everywhere

By tapping the qwerty keys upwards or sideways. The Android screen or website that you are browsing is scrolled in the direction that you want. There is simply no need to use the touch screen at all and that makes you able to read whats on the screen while you scroll.

This scroll function, is a unique feature that only BlackBerry qwerty Android phones uses. By adding such neat feature for Android, they innovated Googles mobile operating system platform. This qwerty keyboard is physical and not a Bluetooth one. Scrolling without using a mouse or using a touchpad is a great thing to have.

3. Less stress when writing messages to anyone

If you grew up with writing on keyboards. Then switching to a qwerty smartphone is a really great gift for your hands. Especially, if you are tired of using the touchscreen all the time. Your fingers doesn’t get the right pressure at all. It’s almost like sleeping on the floor without any madras. Just, this is your own fingers.

Writing lots of messages can give you issues. But with a qwerty smartphone, you get a keyboard where you feel when you press the letter you want to type. This makes your hand work much more and you keep your hand healthy.

However! If you are the generation that grew up with a touchscreen phone. Then using a qwerty phone might seem strange or even something that isn’t fitting or looking great. But you will become an expert writing messages if you let your fingers understand how to use it.

BlackBerry smartphone with Android In 2018

4. Write huge articles or poems on the go

For some, qwerty keyboard won’t work at all. It is a fact. But, another fact is that once you start using the keyboard and understand how it works. Your writing will be much faster. Writing messages, poems, articles or blogging just becomes mobile.

With a qwerty keyboard you can blog in no time. A physical keyboard will take you much further for sure.

5. Less touch means less fat on the screen

When you use a qwerty phone and use the keyboard a lot. The screen of the phone is much less touched. It means that your smartphone screen will look way better than any other smartphones that focuses on touch writing.

When writing on it, scrolling on the keys function and using the keys for your shortcuts. The touch screen doesn’t get as much fat or dirt on it. It means that this phone’s life will become even longer than any other smartphone that is only got touch screen.

BlackBerry smartphone with Android In 20186. Suggestions make you write even Faster

You don’t need to use the qwerty keyboard all the time. BlackBerry or TCL have taken the best parts from BlackBerry OS 10 which is based on QNX. This means that you get suggestions on the screen. By gently moving your finger up. The whole word will be written. Just make sure that you have the correct language settings set for the language you are writing in.

If you don’t want to use the BlackBerry method, you can just click on the touch screen to and do multitasking between using the qwerty keyboard and using the touch one.

7. See more on your BlackBerry smartphone

With BlackBerry moving onto another operative system the users of these qwerty phones now have access to tons of new apps. It means that everything you do in daily life is much easier. The Google Play store is really full of apps that is useful for your daily life. And now with physical qwerty keyboards entering the Android market as they should. HTC and other smartphone manufactures tried to change this. But the way BlackBerry have solved it is genius I think.

BlackBerry might not become a huge brand anymore, but TCL and others that is allowed to use the brand is continuing the BlackBerry qwerty legacy onto Android is brilliant.

BlackBerry smartphone with Android In 2018Conclusion – my qwerty keyboard experience on Android

With my knowledge from the time when I used my HTC Desire Z and with Nokia E90 before that time. Qwerty keyboard smartphones have always been something that I have enjoyed using.

HTC Desire Z with its unfolding keyboard was a nice try. I wonder why they stopped evolving it? Or how about the very first Samsung Galaxy which in America was released in a qwerty keyboard version. Europe never got that version though.

But, now it is 2018. Android is evolving a lot. It is progressed for every release. Even though my BlackBerry key one is only one year old. Everything feels more fluid and faster, which it should! The keys are great to use as they were on HTC Desire Z. But the way BlackBerry have moved BlackBerry OS 10 features to Android is great. The suggestion parts is just brilliant. It means that you can mix a lot between the qwerty keyboard and touching or swiping to write your messages or txts faster.

So, if you love to type fast on a smartphone. Get a BlackBerry keyone or BlackBerry KEY2. Just remember to clean cache and flush the system every 2-3 months at least. Well the new replacement isn’t as good as QNX is to do this. So, you need to do it manually. It will extend the life of your phone a lot. I had my Sony Xperia Z1 from 2013 working all the way until now because of constantly clean cache and see that Android runs as it should. Distrita will make a nice article later about how to keep your Android healthy all the time without getting slowdowns.

I hope you enjoyed my 7 Reasons Why you Should use a BlackBerry smartphone with Android In 2018. Your fingers deserve the qwerty typing and I hope you will have fun with it!

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