Many got issues with actually finding good extensions for Cities Skylines. The game is ok as a standard game, but with extensions its becoming way better and the game also becomes more like You actually want it to become. With extensions you can build roads and rails in ways you can’t without. You can get down to street level and you can get completely Anarchy powers.

Here is our 7 most Amazing Addons to have for Cities Skylines


Automatic Bulldoze
Made by SadlerThis MOD automatically destroys abandoned and burned buildings in the game. When the city gets bigger and bigger, it becomes more and more painfull to demolish each of the buildings. So Sadler made Automatic Bulldoze MOD, that lets you just activate either to destroy abandoned buildings or burned buildings.

Tip: Use this after city have grown a bit. Use it only for a small amount of time.


Terraform tool 0.9
Made by rolloWith the latest upgrade of Cities Skylines, the developers introduced terraform tools. But they aren't working as good as the original Terraform tool. Now its been upgraded and this is a must thing to have if you like to have the power to change the landscape as you want to. Terraform tool is something that should have been implemented to the game from the start.Tip: Try to experiment a bit with this MOD. If you do not, you might destroy your city a bit.terraform


Made by BloodyPenguinWhen building pedestrian roads, normal roads, highways or railway bridges in Cities Skylines, you always have to care about the pillars that keeps the bridges stand. But in some cases, pillars is really not needed. This depends on how a bridge is built. With NoPillars, you can turn them off. A very effective way of building bridges in a way that they will look a little bit more realistic.This version of NoPillars is compatible with European Buildings Unlocker and with all mods that provide additional roads (Traffic++, Network Extensions, etc) and with Network Skins too. I’ve also added some handy new features (like zoning toggling).nopillars


Prop & Tree Anarchy
Made by BloodyPenguinAfter you have built your city. You start with beautification part of the game when you have leveled enough up. Then Cities Skylines wants you to put parks, attractions and sports arenas to make the citizens happier. You do that, but in the end putting a tree where you want it is not possible because the game engine doesn’t allow you… Or so it says! Because Prop & Tree Anarchy fixes these for you. With this MOD, you can put any Tree or Prop wherever you want on your map. This MOD is just another superb example on how much better game Cities Skylines becomes after extending the game.propandtreeanarchy


Network Extension Project
Made by Katalyst6 Standard with Cities Skylines, you get quite a lot of different road types. However! There are many roads still missing that the community have been wanting. This mod makes the road building much more fun as you can build way more variation of roads. Especially the most requested types of roads in the standard version is one way single lane roads or 2 lanes alley roads. Network Extension Project fixes all of these issues. It also ads huge roads with 4-5 lanes in them that can have buildings connecting to the roads. There is also a 3 lane road that I find quite nice from USA type of streets.Also! This mod adds National road, that can be placed as a B-class Highway. This road takes much less space than the highways, but at the same time cars can drive faster and without traffic lights etc.networkextensionproject


Made by simon.royer007 As standard, Cities Skylines only offers you one type of railroad tracks. This is nice, but there are so many different types of rail tracks in the world. Some are in gras, others are built on concrete. With this extension for the game, you get 6 new type of tracks that is easily selected from a new menu that will show up in the bottom right corner of the screen. These tracks just look way more stunning than the original ones. For beautification of your city, these tracks are recommended. Also! They are nice for making light-rail lines in your city if the new added Trams to the game isn’t enough. MoreTrainTracks was one of the MODs that made it possible to make Tram alike routes before Paradox added Trams as standard in the game.moretraintracks


One-Way Street Arrows
Made by Elektriyon Sometimes when you’re city starts to become bigger, then sometimes it is hard to know in what direction some of roads might have been built for. One-Way Street Arrows adds an extra icon to the menu where you can actually get big green arrows on the screen telling you what direction the road you built is for. You can even see what type of direction the roads goes underground even. Without this MOD, this can be quite difficult, especially if you are building quite extensive city with huge street junctions.onewayroads

Info about Cities Skylines
A product of Paradox Interactive in Finland and it is one of world’s fastest selling newcomer ever. The developers opened the game from the very first beginning and that lead to the game success. You can get the game from Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows.