As humans, we all want to look good in that latest outfit we have found and the best way to do this is to choose quality as often as possible when we’re out for shopping in the city. But for bargain shopping, this is especially true when you are quickly going through the most affordable shopper finding that perfect piece at the best price possible.

7 Affordable Shopper Tips That You Should KnowDon’t always trust the label on the clothes

Many of us believe we can rely on price and a designer label info on the clothes that we want to buy. But to be entirely sure about quality for clothes this is not always the case. Some designers slip in their manufacturing occasionally, while other times you can find that complete little gem of a garment that is perfectly made, fits perfectly and is as cheap as chips. Don’t always trust that a higher price means better quality.

Also, you should always try to avoid any confusion or disappointment and be ready to find the unique treasures by looking at how it was made to be sure you are getting the best for what you are paying for with your bargain clothes shopping mind that you should have. So what do you look for and how can you tell when the quality is there or not? Here are seven specific and useful telltale signs of quality for your shopping guide:

#1 Superb Hems

Look to the hems of the clothes that you want to buy to see if they are double-stitched and are invisible from the outside of the garment with a generous hem allowance. This is a nice quality check that you should do!

#2 Seamless Seams

Seams need to be made with love to be okay in almost all weather conditions. They need to lie properly so they are smooth and seamless. There should be no pulling or puckering as this will show through.

Just like with hems, look for generosity in the seam allowance so they can be let out if needed.

#3 Soft Linings

All of the linings make jackets, coats, and skirts move well. To do this they should be of soft fabrics like silk or rayon. Always check out this. In many cases, cheaper priced clothes have better soft linings than the more expensive ones.

7 Affordable Shopper Tips That You Should Know

#4 Straight Stitching

All stitching on the clothes you buy should look well done in straight lines and hold the fabric securely. Our biggest tip is to check for 8 to 12 stitches per inch. If the stitching is poorly done then that fabulous dress or suit will fall apart. It means that the quality of your dress or suit will be falling apart.

Many bigger clothing companies that sell their clothes for more than they should. Sells clothes with bad stitching so they can mass-produce the clothes faster and of course sell more! Which they shouldn’t be allowed to do.

#5 Smoothly Zips

Check any zips on any jacket or sweater that got them if they do work smoothly by testing them a few times before you buy. Bad zippers is a trend too. Make sure that you test them. If the zipper stops half ways when you test the clothes. It means that the zipper isn’t in good quality at all.

Often, most of the zippers should be invisible so they do not need to be in the same color as the fabric. Make sure there are no loose threads around the zip to jam it. Zipper quality is important. More than you think of that it is.

#6 Secure Buttons

7 Affordable Shopper Tips That You Should Know

You should always make sure that the buttons on your jacket or dress are secure and matches the fabric. It should always fit the buttonholes neatly and a spare one comes with the outfit.

As with zippers, make sure there are not any loose threads around the button as this could mean they are not secure. Quality is essential in thinking here.

#7 Strong Seams

Make sure patterned fabric matches at seams and between multiple pieces. This keeps the pattern looking effective and displays it as it is meant to be seen.

Armed with these tips you can go clothing shopping till your heart is content and coming home with top quality bargains that have you the envy of your girlfriends. Do not let the shops fool you and now you might understand why women love to hang out in the clothes stores. Because most of us want to check this out.

We hope that these seven tips can make your next shopping trip a bit easier when you shop for clothes!


Source: Belinda Stinson