In 2013 and 2014, there was two separate occasions. However, they both were regarding major security breaches that happened at Yahoo. These breaches affected up to one billion users! Which is a massive number. But it took two years after the last event in 2016 that Yahoo revealed the incidents that happened.

Now Yahoo agrees to pay to all of the accounts who were affected

Now in 2018, which is two years after Yahoo reported about the scandal back in 2016. They finally agrees to pay $50 million to the more than 200 million account holders who were affected by the attacks in 2013 and 2014!

Even though these incidents are separated. It is questionable why Yahoo didn’t do anything with this until 2016 and now in 2018 agrees to do the payback. The company should have done this back in 2016. But, it’s better late than never.

Those who paid for a premium email account from Yahoo will be able to claim a 25% refund while Yahoo account holders, in general, will be able to file for compensation at the rate of $25 per hour spent handling issues related to the breach. However, the amount of compensation claimed will be capped at $375 (15 hours) for those who have documented losses while those without such information can ask for up to $125 (five hours).

So, digg thru your Yahoo mail and check it out. If you had your account during that time. You can get at least $125 !

A court in San Francisco made this deal happen

In this court, Yahoo admitted that 2013 incident alone impacted nearly three billion users worldwide. Some of the hackers came from Russia and there is also believed to be state-sponsored hacks.

If you’re one of those who fell victim to the breach, you will be eligible to claim a portion of the fund in restitution to identity theft, delayed tax refunds, and other related damages provided the preliminary settlement gains approval at federal court hearing currently scheduled for November 29.

Now it will be interesting to see how many will get the refunds or not. So, do check your Yahoo account and see if you were affected. You might get a $125 bonus. Yahoo as any other companies that lets these sort of breaches happens. Either they are big or small should stand up on their own. Using a court system is the last way out. Yahoo should have done this in 2016!

What would you do if your account got hacked?