It seems like most of peoples world wide web (www) browsing is only about Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer (now Edge on latest Windows). But you also find so many other web browsers out there for various systems on mobile and desktop. So, here is our guidence to other world wide web browsers that you’ve Never heard of.  And yes, some of the browsers we mention do have similar engines to Google Chrome and Firefox. Not all of them can be used with all of todays websites on the web, but most important here is if they are in development or not.

Top1x110 iBrowse for AmigaOS 3.x, AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS
Web browser started up as AMosaic on 25th of December 1993 and was the very first graphical web browser for the Amiga! The browser was heavily based on Mosaic. However,  Mosaic ceased its development and so IBrowse was launched for Amiga on 28th of July 1996. The IBrowse website describes the product as: “IBrowse makes surfing the net with your AMIGA® a breeze. Features include comprehensive JavaScript support, tabbed browsing, a customisable GUI layout and support for some Netscape and IE extensions. IBrowse brings web browsing under AmigaOS® and MorphOS to a new level.”  Today the browser supports HTML4, Javascript, Frames and SSL. But the browser still got no CSS. However, the developent is still going on for the Amiga, but when the next update we just don’t know.


NetSurf for MacOSX, MorphOS, AmigaOS, Haiku, AtariTOS and RISC OS
On 19th of May 2007, the team named The NetSurf Developers released the very first release for RISC OS. NetSurf provides a great web browser experience on almost any operating system except for Windows! You also find it for open source version of BeOS operating system called Haiku. The RISC OS version seemed to be ceased since 2010 but MacOSX was added to the supported OS’s in 2011. NetSurf let’s you surf on CSS pages (but still got some time before its fully functional), HTML4, HTML5 and SSL pages.  The browser got ranked quite high back in 2008 also!: “The browser was ranked in 2011 as number 8 in an article highlighting 10 browsers for Linux published in TechRepublic and ZDNet. It was referred to in 2010 as a superior CLI browser to w3m.

AWeb for AmigaOS 3.x and MorphOS
In 1996, AWeb was launched as a competitor to IBrowse on the Amiga platform. It was at first developed by AmiTrix Development. The browser became even more known when it was shipped with AmigaOS 3.9. AWeb web browser is still in development, but lacks CSS features like IBrowse. It does however support HTML4, Javascript, Frames and SSL. Originaly this browser was a commercial browser, but is now open source. AWeb is a bit different from IBrowse in that it runs native on AmigaOS without need of MUI installed. When it comes to ratings in different magazines, AWeb got pretty good scores by the bigger magazines in 1996-1997 like Amiga Computing (89%), Amiga User International (95%) and CU Amiga (91%).

Top4x110OWB for AROS, AmigaOS 4, MorphOS and Linux
Sands-labs was the early developers of this browser. The browser saw its first ever release in 2007. Fabien Coeurjoly took the development further as he ported OWB to MorphOS. OWB has found popularity on the AmigaOS-like operating systems. Current versions include AmigaOS, AROS and MorphOS official ports. When it comes to web suppport, this browser is a browser that can really compete with Google Chrome and Firefox. The engine is webkit and it does support CSS very nicely. It also got HTML5 support! OWB is also such light-weighted browser that there is even a special version of it for Efika and other hardware with less CPU and memory!: “MorphOS release of OWB is also distributed in a Lite version for the minimal computer motherboard Efika.” Another note on this browser is that it is the only browser on Amiga that is capable of running Adobe Flash scripts if a Flash Plugin is installed.

Top5x110Dolphin Browser for Android and iOS
In May 2012, MoboTap Inc launched Dolphin Browser. This browser uses an older Google Chrome open source browser code. Dolphin Browser was one of the very first alternative browsers for Android. Now also iOS got a version of the browser. Both of the versions for both Android are free without advertising. There is also a more advanced version out for Android. The browser also offers deleting all traces behind you and the Android version also does support Adobe Flash. Dolphin Browser also got positive reviews in the media: “Since its initial release for Android, Dolphin has received generally positive reviews from both the media and the public. Both the Android and iOS versions have been particularly lauded for their gesture-based functionality, speed and ease-of-use. Business Insider claims “Dolphin Browser blows Safari out of the water.”The browser holds an 87% approval rating on rating aggregator site Rouvou. Only Safari, Firefox, and Chrome have higher ratings.

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This article is ment as a guide. You can use all of these browsers today and they do get updates now and then. Because of less people working with them, don’t expect the same level as Google Chrome or Firefox got.