We have written a lot about Transport Fever and Cities Skylines before. But we should have written a lot more about this type of game as we have members in Distrita that plays them a lot.

Urban Games company from Switzerland is now going to release Transport Fever 2 in December right before Christmas time. So be prepared for a unique Christmas if you have someone loving these types of games at your home.

We could easily say that for some there will be No Christmas!

We at Distrita hopes for a unique gaming experience for anyone waiting for the sequel of the game. Transport Fever 2 is mainly about trains and connections. But roads are also a big part and that’s what I want to focus on in this article. They are finally adding features that have been requested for a very long time.

5 Most Requested Transport Fever 2 Wishes Added 1

The very first game in this series from Urban Games was named Train Fever. Which was released back in March 2012. Then they changed the name to Transport Fever, which was released on the 11th of April 2016. They did add more functions to the game, but it felt much more of an upgrade than a full new title.

I think that this is the biggest shame regarding these construction games from Urban Games because the games that have been released until now lacks many important features such as possibilities with the transit functions of car, trucks, and bus traffic part in the game. I ended up banging my head to the wall after my cities had grown to certain sizes because of a lack of proper traffic lights regulations and one-way roads.5 Most Requested Transport Fever 2 Wishes Added 2

Now, this burden with lacking elements to such transport tycoon alike game seems to be fixed in Transport Fever 2. This new version of the game will be released right before Christmas in December this year. So then, this Christmas time will be a happy one for many.

We must thank the brilliant developers who have taken the time to make the game complete it seems. Finally!!!

#1 Transport Fever 2 will finally become a Complete game!

When you feel that OpenTTD is a much more playable than what both Trains Fever and Transport Fever is. Then when you have to buy each Urban Games release. It must deliver!

Distrita did pay for each of the versions of the game. But personally I felt betrayed by the developers. The game was bought in just a sympathy mood because the site saw the interest in that the developers had in the game.

But the sad fact is that Train Fever and Transport Fever never ended up as being a complete game. Which is very sad! The owners seemed to totally ignore what people wrote to them in the forums.

We hope that Urban Games have learned. I just hope that our purchase helped to make Transport Fever 2 to something that everyone will enjoy buying. This game deserves so much more love than it got. Just look at Paradox and their Cities Skylines game. The developers and the community talk to each other. Which is very important for anyone that releases a game for Steam.

All Transport Fever games should beat any Transport Tycoon game

OpenTTD is another transport type of game, which is the open-source version of Transport Tycoon Deluxe (that was developed by Chris Sawyer). That is the game that made this genre popular.

Transport Tycoon Deluxe had a nice competition fight with the also humongous popular SimCity 2000 back in the days. Now in 2019, things have changed. There are other games in the city-building and communication genres that are leading the market. Cities Skylines is such a game.

Cities Skylines is similar to SimCity but also has similar transportation building methods. The game developers chose to fully open the game and that gave it lots of activity on the Steam Workshop.

Thousands of players have made mods or extensions and Transport Fever 2 seems to have this important goal too. It needs this to grow and so the makers and their publisher needs to let it grow together with the community.

The developers of Train Fever, Transport Fever and Transport Fever 2 have taken lots of inspiration from Transport Tycoon Deluxe game and now finally their newest game is finally going gold. Transport Fever 2 will finally be released on the 11th of December 2019 on Steam and other platforms. Urban Games seems to finally have broken the biggest issues in the game. The roads and the towns of the game! Finally, it seems to finally become a full game which Transport Fever should have been a long time ago.

#2 One way Roads will change the game in Transport Fever 2 totally

In both Train Fever and Transport Fever, the biggest issue was when the towns got bigger. I like building cargo transportation, but I also love to build proper public transportation connections within the cities and between them.

I like to build the bus, trams and train connections between the cities. By doing so the cities in Transport Fever grew and grew. But there was no way to build one-way roads. The cities grew more and more and in the end, I had queues everywhere in my towns.

Also without the possibility to build roundabouts which is one of the most effective crossings. The towns became huge and all came to a halt for the traffic. With bus lanes only in the game, it helped a bit but the towns just became unplayable in the end. Transport Fever 2 seems to have solved this issue, which is something I am really grateful for having added to the game. Finally!!!

5 Most Requested Transport Fever 2 Wishes Added 3

#3 Traffic Lights makes all of the cities look better

One-way roads addition to the game is excellent. It is really needed for the cities to look better. But also I want to highlight the development of functional traffic lights in the game. This has been the most annoying thing in Transport Fever. Because it works out of the box in their competitor Cities Skylines.

Developers of MODs for Transport Fever added traffic lights to the game, but they were never working as they should for me. So it is really nice to see that the gaming developers are serious at putting traffic lights. The game will look so awesome and all pictures that will be put on social media from the game will be looking attractive so that more gamers will buy and support the brilliant team at Urban Games.

#4 Highway Roads now Looks as they should Look

In Train Fever and Transport Fever, the highways are okay. Their purpose is for cars to drive faster on them. But you can’t build proper highways that look and are like the ones in Cities Skylines etc. But now it seems like the developers listened to people and finally, awesome highways construction is coming to Transport Fever 2. Which for me is a simple need but also a very important reason for me to wanting to buy this new game.

So. If you haven’t had the will or interest in buying Transport Fever. Highway Roads and One-way roads constructions are two golden reasons for why you should get Transport Fever 2. With the feeling of this game becoming a complete game finally. Transport Fever 2 might be a big thing.

#5 Construct Train Stations as You wish

Finally. The 5th wish from my side is the way railway stations can be constructed. It seems like they have added much bigger flexibility to the train station builder itself in Transport Fever 2.

It will be interesting to see and test this new feature of the game and all of the other 4 wishes that seem to be coming with this new version of the game. It is so important for me to see that this game finally get that complete status. The title of this game deserves what the name says and I really hope that they deliver.

I hope that they will deliver proper tram avenues such as in Cities Skylines in Transport Fever 2. I have requested it on their forum site many times. So, it will be interesting if that feature comes with the newest release.

Transport Fever 2 will be released on the 11th of December 2019 on Steam and other platforms


5 Most Requested Transport Fever 2 Wishes Added 2

Source: TransportFever2.com, UrbanGames.com