These are the most powerful songs delivered at Eurovision Song Contest in my view. Ukraine is the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, but this is about all of the most powerful songs in my view. The song that was delivered by Ukraine is a very good one but rap is not my type of music genre.

All of these songs got powerful beats and meanings to my soul. This is a personal list.

All of these songs made me give 12 Points (except for the Norwegian one as I am in Norway) for them because of the way they are made. There are some minor differences between the performances in this list, but they do what they do at their best. They made them shine.

What type of music genre is your type?

#1 – Halo by LUM!X featuring Pia Maria (Austria)

This song didn’t make it to the Final show of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. It means that it was voted out on its Semi-Final day. However, for me, it was a shock. At the same time after listening to the song. I could hear the difference.

The music video and their Live performance is in my view different, yet I gave 12 points to them on their performance. I can hear the difference in Pia Maria’s voice. Maybe she suffered from some voice issues? The Czech Republic had some similar issues yet my hips started to dance!

I love Eurodance, Techno, Trance, and all sort of electronic base dance types of music. Halo is just that! It got all of the positive vibes that a song in 2022 should have. I loved their stage performance and the looks. The Halo ring on the stage looked amazing.

Maybe if Pia’s voice was more clear at the Live performance. She would have won more or people’s votes? I think however other songs that made it to the final had worse Live performances for sure.

Pia deserves all the love from the love in my view. She shows that she can nail the dance genre. Pia’s performance all in all was worthy of getting a Final ticket in my view.

Well delivered Austria!

#2 – Lights Off by We Are Domi LIVE (Czech Republic)

Maybe one of the most underrated songs at Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

This performance by the Czech Republic was in my view one of the best performances live together with Romania. So much energy was unleashed on the stage. But why use a guitar on the stage? This song made my hips dance at home every time it was played.

We Are Domi didn’t deserve to get 0 points from people. I wonder how the EBU voting system is as I personally voted 12 points for it at the final. The song got way more points from the jury? Anyway. This song deserves to be in the Top 10 at least. But why it didn’t reach that is beyond my understanding.

The stage performance by We Are Domi is perfect. She is so energic. In this chase, I think that their Live performance is way better than the music video. So, they have the opposite dilemma of Halo by LUM!X feature Pia Maria. 12 Points to the Czech Republic!

#3 – LIámame by WRS LIVE (Romania)

The best Live performance at Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in my view. HOLA MI BEBÉBÉ is stuck in my mind forever!

What a performance from Romania. This song deserved to be placed in the Top 10 at least. So catchy, sexy, and full of love. What happened to the votes???

The song is so energic! From start to end it is a performance state of the art. The clothing of the dancers and the main singer is an absolute feast for the eyes watching it. So, what happened to the votes?? Romania threatens to not participate next year because of voting chaos.

This version hit so differently like the Czech song than the studio version. I prefer this audio over the studio version! The vibe that is around in the arena is so magical that should have given Romania the golden ticket in my view!

Romania was robbed in the results! He should be much higher than the 18th place!

This is one of the best songs in Eurovision 2022 done Live on the stage! I was sure that IT will be one of the winners. Well, in my heart it is!

#4 – Sentimentai by Monika Liu LIVE (Lithuania)

This is a song that takes you back in time. It also makes sure that you remember James Bond.

This is the most powerful song at Eurovision Song Contest 2022 without the need to have beats to help it. Because it follows a disco vibe that makes it so unique.

What a masterpiece this is. It was great to hear in the Lithuanian language. I’ve never heard that language before and it is beautiful.

Monika Liu nailed the song on stage with her look. She is so cute standing there singing along with the disco tunes playing. One of the most interesting singers at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 for sure, so I gave her 12 Points.

Sentimentai is the song that made the Grand Final program something special. She nailed it totally. What happened with the votes?

#5 – Give That Wolf A Banana by Subwoolfer (Norway)

If I could vote on this. It would be a nice 12 Points to it.

I never thought that this song from Norway would go to the Grand Final. But it did!

It is an interesting song. I would have given it 12 Points. I was a bit negative at first, but this song needs to grow. It is one of those songs that needs your attention more than one time. Because it takes time for the mind to understand its path.

The performance on the stage together with the singing made my moves go wild at the final day show. A pleasant song that also deserved to get much more points.