Austria didn’t reach the finals at the epic music television festival Eurovision with LUM!X. The amazing singer Pia Maria did a fantastic job in my view.

LUM!X was simply one of the best groups on the stage in my view. So my interest for the LUM!X group made me look through the net and I found amazing tunes made by LUM!X in 2020 and 2021. All of them give an uplifting experience.

LUM!X is absolutely amazing! They deserve lots of love! And I hope to see way more of Pia in the future!

Here I share that experience with you.

#1- Thunder by LUM!X must be heard! Amazing MusicVideo!

This tune is a very uplifting one. Nicely done tune with lots of energy. LUM!X could have put tons of ideas from this music video into the stage performance at Eurovision and I am sure it could have become much bigger.

What a track to dance away all of the pandemic worries. I didn’t know of this tune, but now I am happy to know it.

#2 – SØLO by LUM!X is perfect for making Your Day a perfect One!

The beginning is really powerful and unique. It is a powerful track, where I love the beginning sooo much. What a banger this tune is. LUM!X doesn’t disappoint to second with this track.

SØLO got a Norwegian letter in it which is Ø. A nice tune with calm parts of this song that makes it a bit more unique.

It is an absolute banger for weekends and various parties. Never stopped listening to it after I found it.

#3 – Scare Me featuring Karra by LUM!X turns the World upside Down!

Exploring scary tones is LUM!X key through all of their tracks.

I think that this song by LUM!X is one that could have been made for Stranger Things in the future. I feel that listening to this while watching Stranger Things 4 made me think about that.

#4 – The Passenger by LUM!X with a fantastic LaLaLa beat factor!

A perfect tune for the summer. This one is a banger for everyone having a nice summer meeting anywhere.

I love the vibes in this tune.

#5 – Annie Are You Ok by LUM!X makes your hips Dance

A very interesting tune that got lots of spirit in it. An absolute party tune that will play for many more years at clubs.

Who is LUM!X Really?

The musician Luca Michlmayr is born on the 23rd of July 2002 in Rohrbach-Berg, Austria. He is one of the world’s most known DJs today.

LUM!X with HALO at Eurovision Song Contest 2022

I loved HALO a lot at Eurovision. What it did on the stage together with Pia, was just perfect. The song sadly ended in 15th place. But not in my heart!

I think that LUM!X performance on the Semi-Final day in Turin, Italy was much better than the points given to them.

I really loved the stage set that they had. They deserved to reach the Grand Final in my view. But they didn’t and so I am very glad to have found more songs by them. They made me love LUM!X even more. I didn’t know anything about their popularity too before looking around.

Gold and Platinum sales for LUM!X

«Thunder» with Ponte and Prezioso DJ, managed to sell gold and platinum in their home country Austria. This also happened in Denmark, France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway where Distrita is at, Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, and Germany.

LUM!X was nominated back in 2021 for an Amadeus Austrian Music Award in the class for the electronica and dance category. He also got a French Fun Radio DJ Award for the best newcomer.

You can check out their videos on YouTube and see how many have watched their songs. It is a lot!