5 Best RPG games of all time

This is our list of the 5 Best RPG games ever made. Distrita have made this from our own love for RPG games. There are many more RPG games, but these on this list is what Distrita thinks should be at everyones Top 5 RPG Games list.

Most of the RPG games that is loved most is for Dreamcast, but also one for Amiga. That might be a surprise for you to read, but Trapped II is actually one of the best 3D FPS RPG games ever made for any machine. The graphics blows me out of my chair also when it actually runs above 30FPS even on a 50MHz CPU! Not only that, but both intro sequene, gameplay and the end is just amazingly done. However, it can’t beat Skies of Arcardia for Dreamcast! This game is just stunning in everyday and we at Distrita concludes that this game should get a HD remake with the very same music from Dreamcast version,.. or even better release it for Dreamcast 2!?

5 Best RPG games of all time
  • 1. Skies of Arcardia (Dreamcast) - 100
  • 2. Trapped II (Amiga) - 95
  • 3. Shenmue & Shenmue II (Dreamcast) - 92
  • 4. Silver (Dreamcast) - 88
  • 5. Final Fantasy 7 - 85

Conlusions and Verdicts!

Just take a look at this fantastic intro of Skies of Arcardia:

Number one again

Skies of Arcardia got yet another top score on Distrita website, because this RPG keeps me playing it in 2015. Each time I play I find new things in this game. Also the atmosphere between all of the characters and the fact that you control a floating ship is beyond anything that I have tried. To see Wyse, Aika and Fina evolve thru the entire game is fantastic. This game also puts a gamers heart to the test. Especially is the docking of the lower city of Valua one of my biggest eyeopeners about the world we live in. Either you have a Dreamcast or Gamecube. Skies of Arcardia should be played. It is for me the best RPG game ever made. Get it today.

Trapped 2 deserves so Much more love

This game for Amiga is the most unknown RPG game in the gaming history. But that doesn’t make me think of it as one of the best 3D RPG games ever made. You evolve all the time in this game. You get to learn new spells and most fascinating part is that this game is to this date one of Amigas most advanced 3D RPG FPS game ever made. From the moment you see the intro until the game starts, you already understands how great game this is. Its just so sad that when this game came out in 1997 that lots of people moved to Windows or other systems. This game is a worth play for everyone and I base the second place on that I haven’t found any other 3D RPG FPS games at the same level for sure.

Shenmue fights with its Drama heart

Who would think that a fighting game with free movement in enviroment game would be on Distritas 3rd place? Not me!… But it is. Its such a fantastic story all the way. It is a huge open world game with its limitations. But the interactions with people and everything else is so perfectly done. You can also play SEGA’s classics in arcades, shop food in Japanese traditional food stores etc. The progress in the game is also very good.

This game also have its 8 years of development written in the Guinnes Recordbook.

You should really get this game, together with Shenmue 2 which is the official sequel. On the Dreamcast console you can bring everything that you saved in the first game onto the sequel also. This game is to good to be forgotten also. Distrita makes sure that this one is on this list, because it deserves it so much.

Here at Distrita we have our opinion about anything and everything. There is no one telling us what is good or not. So our list here is entierly based on what the Distrita team thinks.

Thank you for reading Distrita. Please share and like us.


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