You might think that owning Windows or OSX is the best choice for finding file archives. But there are many minor operating systems that had way more tidy file archives for many years. When using OSX or Windows, before their App stores came it was really hard to find new software.

Here is Distrita’s Top 5 Best File Archives for the AmigaOS Operating Systems



Aminet by Urban Müller (AmigaOS 3.x, AmigaOS 4.x, MorphOS, AROS, WarpOS, PowerUP)

A site created back in 1992. This File Archive is one of the Nets largest with over 40 000 different files put in lots of categories. This time horse have really proved for many years how a file archive site should look like. Although its Windows and OSX support is very limited. Aminet does offer a file archive for Classic AmigaOS, AmigaOS 4.x, MorphOS, AROS, WarpOS and PowerUP. The search function of this file archive is also very good. It simply finds what you are looking for. No need to use any external search engine. And as with OS4Depot and The AROS File Archives. Aminet also have a readme file, but it’s divided. It means that you can download a file or read the readme. On OS4Depot and The AROS File Archives when you click on the file archive link, you will be taken directly to the readme file.

Goto the Site here:


The AROS File Archives by Damir Sijakovic (AROS)

This site is for AROS. Its almost the same site as OS4Depot. The design is similar, but I feel it got a bit more seriousness into it. AROS is a open source operating system which is mostly run on x86 machines. It does have similarities to AmigaOS’s but is not directly compatible. You need to compile the software that you make to make it run in AROS: The Amiga future however depends on AROS as it is a gateway to lots of hardware and helping development of both AmigaOS 4.x and MorphOS. This file archive also have the same issue with that some files can be downloaded directly, while others directs you to a readme file. They should be separated I think.

Goto the Site here:


OS4Depot by Björn Hagström (AmigaOS 4.x)

A great file archive site. Slightly better than MorphOS Files because of its design. There is also a readme with every file that is listed on the site, which makes the total experience more secure and better all in all. This site also have categories and a great search function. This app place is certainly a reason for AmigaOS 4.x surviving even if its one of worlds smallest commercially available operating systems still alive. As with MorphOS Files, OS4 Depot is not really an App Store like App Store for OSX or AmiStore for AmigaOS 4.x but it host all kinds of software that are both commercial, shareware and freeware. That makes this a kind of app store. One downside of this file archive is that you sort of never know if the file archive that you want to download directs you to a readme file or that it lets you actually download the file directly. This should always have an option.

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MorphOS Files by Grzegorz Kraszewski (MorphOS)

If you are into this operating system for Power PC. Then MorphOS Files site is a worth visit. It contain almost every MorphOS software, which is listed in an easy way to find. You can search or browse by categories. The site is hosted by Polski Portal Amigowy, but several of the apps listed also got links to other mirrors for the apps. This is good, but MorphOS Files can contain dead links sometimes. The overal design and usage of the site is quite nice though.

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AmiStore by A-EON (AmigaOS 4.x, AmigaOS 3.x and MorphOS)

A small but commercial store made for all using AmigaOS 4.x mostly. Some of the products can be used with MorphOS and Classic AmigaOS. But there is no AmiStore app launched for these two alternatives. This makes AmiStore not so great. What is great is that A-EON now sells quite nice and unique software which you can’t find anywhere else. A-EON should really make more effort and resources into this store for sure. Also one more negative note. AmiStore is just an app. None of these apps is on a website.

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