Now Eurovision Song Contest 2016 Final is set. Almost every country in the Nordic and many others didn’t pass the semi-finals. But who will win? Who will win everyones hearts in Europe? Read on to find out what Distrita thinks. Here we rank the 5 songs that we think that might win.

  • 1. Poland
  • 2. Australia
  • 3. Malta
  • 4. Russia
  • 5. Austria


Eurovision this year is full of surprices. Almost every country from the Nordic region of Europe and few others haven’t managed to get qualified for the final, so Poland and Australia does look really good it seems in our prediction of who will win this year. This is our prediction of this years top 5 songs at Eurovision. The answer will be known on Saturday 14th of May at 21.00CET (5am in Australia). We wish all of the participants good luck. All the best from Distrita team.

One of the finest pop balads ever made from a person that looks and sounds amazing. Michal cares for you in every tone that he sings. One of the songs that might actually win if the voters likes him.

An amazing pop song from Dami Im that must give everyone in Globen arena and at home goosebumps, because of her extremely talented voice. Her look is also dazzling and she perform with such perfection that the others performing should learn from her.

A song that builds up nicely. In the chorus parts of the song, the melody build its engergy up nicely and is a thing to admire regarding this song. Ira Losco performance at the stage in the first semi final was a real eye candy for the television viewers.

A hit that just stands a bit out from everything but at the same time it sounds a bit similar to the Swedish hit from last year. Heroes by Måns Zelmerlöw was a pure dance song, but this is much more of a disco type song. Strong song, but the girl from the musicvideo is missing!

She is such a princess at stage, singing the only complete French song at Eurovision Song Contest this year. But to understand that this is a German speaking country, makes this song even more interesting.