The world’s longest-running television music show is actually the Eurovision Song Contest. It is a humongous awesome huge music group contest. It is both local and where finalists of the local entries enter the semi-finals and the grand final. All of the TV channels that are part of EBU can participate.

Now in 2022, over 120 Million Television viewers showed that the show is still doing great with tons of streaming services threatening.

However. There are groups that shouldn’t be forgotten but are because they fail to go further through local votes.

KEiiNO Monuments should be at the final of the Eurovision Song Contest

Here are all of the 5 (+1) entries that deserve to not be forgotten in my view. It is my personal list. I am sure that there are many more entries that are forgotten. But these are the ones that made the biggest impression on me that I wanted you to know about.

Let’s dive in!

#1 – Loreen with Statements for Sweden in 2017

The local Eurovision show in Sweden is maybe one of the most unforgiven local shows in entire Europe. Many viewers felt that in 2017!

This song by Loreen in 2017 is a masterpiece. It lost lots of love due to the nature of the local Eurovision festival in Sweden. Should it be fun or make groups suffer? Sweden eliminated this song, while most of the other countries would kill for an entry like this.

Loreen didn’t qualify for the final with this song? How is that even possible. She ended up not qualifying at all which is beyond my understanding. Loreen came on fourth place and then she got a second chance with the song and also lost there. Statements song is pure art in my view. The quality is over the top in my view.

This gives me goosebumps every time I am listening to it. Also, the stage performance is so well made for the stage. The performance too.

What happened to Sweden back in 2017? I really love this song. I am listening to it now and then still because it is so good. Sweden would’ve been the winner with Statements in that year. This is not just music. This is pure art that would be too good for Europe to handle maybe?

What do you think of this song by Loreen?

#2 – KEiiNO with Monument for Norway in 2021

Their Spirit In The Sky was a humongous hit. It came 6th in the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

Then in 2021. KEiiNO was robbed totally. TIX won at the local Eurovision Song Contest in Norway named MGP. Everyone thought that KEiiNO would win, but TIX won instead.

I think this was one of the biggest misses that Norway did that year. TIX song was good too, but this one continued to promote the Sami language. I think it would be an absolute monument itself on the Eurovision Song Contest stage. They deserved to win.

Yes. I think think that this song is way better than their Spirit In The Sky. Both the stage and music video that you see above are of top quality. KEiiNO were robbed, yet the TIX song was good too. But this one had an extra monumental spirit that never got to show its potential.

What do you think of KEiiNO?

#3 – Ariadne with Feel Me Now for Estonia in 2017

This beauty of a song was performed at Eesti Laulu 2017, which is the local Eurovision Song Contest in Esthonia.

I don’t know if this song would have won Europe’s hearts. But for me, it is a really comfortable song. Maybe a bit too comfortable for Eurovision Song Contest voters to handle?

She is both cute and got an amazing voice.

The information about how it went for her is really hard to find. Ariadne did a nice performance I think anyway.

She did an amazing performance on the stage too as you see above I think. Her performance on stage is good but if she made it even more special then it would win more votes? Eurovision is a lot about the voices but also about the stage performance. I think however she would have done it quite amazing if she only made the stage performance more fun.

What do you think of Ariadne’s performance?

#4 – Mariette with A Million Years for Sweden in 2017

Many songs from Melodifestivalen are on this list. Sweden’s local Eurovision Song Contest competition is so enormous.

While the Norwegian version named MGP got maybe 2-3 shows at the most. In Sweden, all regions of Sweden participate. Awesome songs can easily be eliminated because of their voting system which I think is not good.

Mariette with A Million Years went to the final of Melodifestivalen in 2017. It is such a powerful song I think. The song has been stuck in my mind since I saw it the very first time on SVT. I am in Norway, so we have access to SVT. Because of its size. The local Eurovision Song Contest festival is also seen by millions of Norwegians. Sweden is very tied to Norwegians as we understand their language pretty much.

A Million Years reached fourth place in the final in 2017. But for me, it reached my heart forever. Thanks, Mariette!

What do you think of this song by Mariette’s performance at the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest?

#5 – Timoteij with Kom for Sweden in 2010

Best Swedish entry that would have promoted the Swedish language like no other. Safri Duo + Swedish beauties at the stage is a win-win!

Timoteij is one of the most beautiful groups that would have come much longer at the Norwegian Eurovision Song Contest contest. This is because Sweden put so much glamour and adrenaline into their local show. Also, this one is sung in the Swedish language!

Sweden is a border country to Norway with around 10 million people which is not much at all. Yet their Melodifestivalen makes all of its regions compete against each other. This means that quality songs like this one from Timoteij are easily pushed away because of its voting system. This group is from Gothenburg and they progressed to the final in Stockholm.

Kom (which means come in English) finished in fifth place with 95 points in total.

Bonus – Timoteij with Stormande Hav (Stormy seas in English) for Sweden in 2012

As with Loreen. This song came to the second chance show but never passed onto the Swedish final of Melodifestivalen in 2012.

This song is very good, but I can see why it might not have gotten further. It is way too Swedish. Yet I think it would have come far at the Eurovision Song Contest final the very same year.

What do you think of Timoteij’s performance?

All of these songs are personal likings. You might not agree and that’s what Eurovision is all about. People can vote. It is a show for everyone and then the outcome can be totally different from what voters have expected.

Everyone got different likings and that’s what is so fun about Eurovision.

You never know what you will be served next and who will continue further. Eurovision is all about having fun!