Prague is one of the most popular cities of Central Europe and is definitely worth the status as the current capital of the Czech Republic and the historical region of Bohemia.

Bohemia is a region in the Czech Republic. In a broader meaning, Bohemia often refers to the entire Czech territory, including Moravia and Czech Silesia Popularly known as Golden City or City of 100 towers is one of the European capitals that lie at the forefront of international tourism, as it is visited by millions of tourists throughout the year.

Prague has got a special atmosphere that you can breathe in its streets, castles, churches and medieval bridges. Enjoy the fantastic tours of the Prague Castle and discover the impressive St. Vitus Cathedral, the Royal Palace, the picturesque Golden Lane or the beautiful Royal Garden.

Lose yourself in the streets of the city and learn to know the amazing Charles Bridge, the visual spectacle of the Astronomical Clock and the spectacular Tyn Church in Old Town. Stroll along Wenceslas Square in the New Town and discover the impressive National Museum. Have you still some time left and want to do some of Distrita’s secret tips of Prague? And maybe you are shocked we will not cover the beers of Prague in this article. Instead we gonna shock you covering the skate spots, the secret metro system and spa. You need at least one entire day for all the activities.


The perfect place for Skaters!

Are you a skater? Then you will love this guide to the best secret skate spots of Prague! You might not know it, but Prague has a vibrant skate community. Andrew takes us on a tour!


Why not treat yourself with a perfect spa experience in Prague?

Maybe you want to relax after one day of heavy skating? What is better for yourself in Prague than having an amazing spa experience in the middle of the city? Here your muscles will get massage and your body will get the most wonderful oil you have ever felt!



Discover the secret metro system of Prague

We at Distrita love to discover new routes and compare the tram and metro systems in an urban environment, and of course that also is valid for Prague. And Prague is actually a very exciting city to discover by metro! In this episode of Niskopodłogowiec series from Czech Republic you will learn:
– how many stations and kilometers of tracks the metro network counts?
– how strong wind blows in the metro?
– how fast are escalators and where are some of the longest in Europe?
– and how line D will look like – the fourth metro line in Prague?

If you still have some time left we would recommend the funicular! Yeah! We here at Distrita love funicular and special transport. Funiculars are a great way to discover the city and often gives you a great view of the city! The funicular of Prague is something we absolutely recommend to our readers!


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