The watching movie experience in Norway is different than in other countries. Here the cinemas have always been a big thing to visit. But the streaming services and the Wuhan virus is keeping the cinema ceo’s in Norway worried. Now they are open again and I wanted to take you through things that you certainly didn’t know about regarding the cinemas in Oslo. The capital city of Norway.

So here I go through 3 things that you didn’t know!

odeon kino oslo march 2018
odeon kino oslo march 2018

#1 – No cinemas inside shopping malls

In Oslo and in all of the Norwegian cities. None of the cinemas are parts of shopping malls. Instead they are often nearby them but not everywhere. In the city center you have SAGA, Klingenberg, Ringen and ODEON Nydalen. Not even Symra which looks like it is part of the Lambertseter shopping mall. But the only way to enter it is to go through their own doors. Its not linked with the shopping mall.

Because of this, the cinemas in Oslo and Norway can have special events. There is the yearly cinema day in autumn with half-price tickets to buy. During that time and on other happenings. The cinemas can show the entire Lord Of The Rings trilogy throughout the night and into the early morning. Also by having them not in shopping malls they can have bars and bigger candy stores.

#2 – The biggest dome in Oslo is a cinema

Because all of the cinemas in Oslo can be found outside of shopping malls. They also have their own styles and looks. The oddest and coolest cinema can be found at Majorstuen in Oslo. Here you can find the Colosseum cinema which is one of the nicest looking cinemas in the world. It is the biggest dome type of building in Oslo and inside that dome hall, 1 is located. The entire roof of the Colosseum is a second monitor to the main screen.

Some of the bigger blockbuster movies are taking advantage of the Colosseum system and it is really worth seeing and experience Hall 1 of Colosseum. I really recommend this one. To reach this cinema you can take any Metro to Majorstuen station and walk a few steps from it. It is not far at all. But I do recommend to buy the cinema tickets in advance on the net.

#3 – Oslo does have an IMAX Cinema

Yes. ODEON cinema which is located in Storo/Nydalen area of Oslo is one of the newest cinemas that got an IMAX hall. It is really huge and the quality of it is for sure something you won’t find anything else. The screen is so huge and you really feel as if you are in the movie I think. IMAX is in my view a much better cinematic experience than watching 3D movies.

To reach this cinema. You can take Metro Line 4 or 5 to Nydalen or Storo. The cinema is located just near the Storo shopping mall. But it is not part of it so if you walk from Storo. You need to bypass it and bypass the next bigger building beside Storo shopping mall and there you find it. When you reach it you can’t miss it because of the IMAX neon lights for sure. Also worth mentioning is that the ODEON cinema design from the moment your inside is striking. I love the design of it. It really welcomes you and that’s awesome!

Order your Oslo cinema tickets here – ODEON in Oslo and in many other cities in Norway – NFKINO in Oslo and in many other cities in Norway

The prices for watching a movie in Norway isn’t cheap, but it is cheaper than other activities. In the summer months there are most empty seats while in the winter months which is from October to April the cinema halls can be full. Also a worthy mentioning is that all movies except for cartoons have subtitles. There is no dubbing.

Welcome to Oslo for a nice cinema or moving teatre experience.