Alita is by far one of the most interesting movies ever. It is a movie that has moved the Sci-Fi popularity genre a lot and made millions of people aware of a different side of it. So in this article, we want to look at the 3 things that made this superhero character rise in popularity. If you agree? Share this wonderful article.

#1 Community Love for Alita

Most of the media had only bad words for Alita when they saw the first trailer. Her eyes are too big and the voice is too old. But the community fight back with the truth about her character. And their love is the answer to this success everywhere. Her community raised quickly from the very first moments that people were able to see it.

3 Things that made the wonderful Alita Rise in Popularity

This movie that was made by James Cameroon etc (which is known for huge movie titles such as Avatar and Terminator) really shows how much a community means for the survival of a movie.

Once the movie finally was shown at worlds cinemas. Alita got the small community even more hyped. They invited lots of friends who also loved her character. In the end, this sci-fi character became a thing to love. The community love wave hit more than just the hardcore anime fans in the end. It took the movie over 2 months to become a high success.

#2 CGI state of the art Creation

When people saw Alita for the first time in the trailer. Many complained about her eyes being too big. But they are made to show that she is a smart cyborg. Her eyes are there but they rather invite your mind instead of scaring it way. It is only her human mind that is intact. Rest of her is a robot alike suit.

The CGI creation of Alita is stunning. The technique where they have copied every movement of Rosa Salazar is just breathtaking. They have managed to give Alita character all of the skin variations that Rosa also got. Alita is Rosa and Rosa is the movements that Alita got. They are simply breathtaking and shocked most of the first-time watchers of the movie.

3 Things that made the wonderful Alita Rise in Popularity

Her CGI quality and sense of beautiness not only made men come back for seeing more of Alita. Also, many people around the globe saw Alita for more than  7-8 times or more at the cinema. She built an army because of her beauty.

#3 Story grows on You like no Other movie

On the very first watch. You like the way Alita character is made. Also, you get to know Dr. IDO character and all of the bad guys. Then the story progresses and the movie starts to find interesting emotional parts in your heart as Alita grows more and more on you as a character during the movie. Her way of growing up from being a limited teenage girl to become a wonderful woman is very interesting and your soul that watches this gets remarkable kicks out of it. You feel that Alita sort of kicks your feelings about anything you do in life. It changes most of the people that watch it for the better.

Then when you finish your first watch of Alita movie. You will find this intense energy that is still floating around you. Alita movie is done but her character and the whole universe where she is at screams at you. She wants you to come back to Iron City and most of you will do this. On the second and third time when you watch this movie. Your emotions towards everyone will become much more valuable to you. You starting to realize the whole atmosphere. Then when you watch it the fourth or fifth time. You simply start to scream for a sequel.

3 Things that made the wonderful Alita Rise in Popularity

Alita Battle Angel takes you to a destiny where you completely feel that what you do in this universe is something that alters everyone’s lives around you. You become aware of doing more for the people that you meet. You start to care because Alita’s spirit never leaves your soul. It is a warm feeling like energy. Alita is outstanding. She might not be a white angel. But she teaches everyone to have willpower and also give people the last chances. Alita shows that superior beauty doesn’t need to be big breasted. She shows that any person with a fully functional mind can be innovative and full of quality for the society that we all live in.


Alita grows on you!



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