Årdal, Norway: On Monday, 3 persons driving with the bus to Oslo in Norway, got killed by a person near Årdal. The killer is a immigrant  and is known to be around 30 years old, which got NO from the immigration office, and in frustration he killed all on the bus.

The killer from Sudan, stabbed Molland Sanden, Arve Kvernhaug and Brahim Khouya.  All of the 3 victims got killed with a knife on the bus. The killer must have had expertise in killing, as none of the victims had any other wounds.

Because of this, the Norwegian media have been covering this tragic accident. What we at Distrita feels a bit strange, is that all the big news media in the world haven’t made this as a big topic. Norway put immigrants which isn’t allowed to live here into immigrants camps. This turns immigrants into killers as there are no personal taking really good care of these victims. Instead Norway get situations like this now and then. In 2003, a similar tragic thing also happened and it seems like Norway ignores to help some immigrants.

Have Norway learned from this episode? I doubt it. Instead our prime minister is going out and saying that all of the negative immigrants should be put into their own immigrant houses. Be seperated from the fine one. Now, this Distrita feels would be very wrong to do. Then Norway will get even more problems, and also as some said in the news on TV yesterday. To have a seperated immigration house for the negative ones, would need much more money and much more personal.

The thing which happened, is tragic and Distrita hopes that all of the families that lost some of theirs will get better soon. It is hard to loose someone and care is what is important for them.